The Vinyl Experience – 06.24.16

Tribute to the late Dan Daniel and other radio DJs who made records as well as played them….

Vinyl Experience # 301

Peggy Lee: Is That All There Is?
Dan Daniel: Is That All There Is?
Scott Muni: Letter To An Unborn Child
Rick Dees: Disco Duck
The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson): Chantilly Lace
The Guess Who: Clap For The Wolfman
Jim Lowe: The Green Door
Herb Oscar Anderson: Hello Again
The Lone Twister (Murray Kaufman): The Lone Twister
Vik Venus (Jack Spector): Moonflight
Harry Chapin: W.O.L.D
David Bowie: DJ
Kinks: Around The Dial
Sam Cooke: Having A Party
Rosko (with Richie Havens): Desiderata