Infectious Myth – Linda Paine on Election Integrity – 05.17.16

David is interested in democratic processes, especially those that are flawed, and decides to talk to Tea Party activist Linda Paine who believes that there is massive fraud in elections, with even dead people voting, at least in her state of California. David hopes to cover other perspectives on the electoral mechanics of elections in future episodes.


Infectious Myth – Episode 100: Heather Ellis Cucolo on Sex Crimes – 05.03.16

In Episode 100 David Talks to legal professor and defense lawyer Heather Ellis Cucolo about sexual offenses. While it might be difficult for many people to feel any sympathy for people on US sex crimes registers, Cucolo points out that the overboard definition of sex crimes can lead to people being punished for sex crimes they might commit in the future, even though they haven’t yet, and sentences that are clearly too long, and can even lead to life imprisonment through the so-called Civil Confinement procedures, that are supposed to treat people who are not ready to be released at the end of their sentences, but actually just ends up warehousing them for life. In Minnesota, she points out, not a single person has ever been released from Civil Confinement. Find out more about Cucolo’s work at: (Mental Disability Law and Policy Associates).

Following the interview David discusses other legal and medical issues. The list of articles cited is here:


Infectious Myth – Joan Shenton and Babette Babich on Scientific Censorship – 04.26.16

When the documentary, ‘Positive Hell’, was accepted by the London Independent Film Festival, it seemed like a crack in the wall of censorship imposed on critics of the HIV=AIDS dogma. It tells the story of 5 Spaniards who have been HIV-positive since the 1980s and have not taken AIDS drugs, or only for a short time, yet have retained excellent health. But after four complaints from unnamed AIDS charities (that probably receive money from pharmaceutical companies) the film was unanimously withdrawn by the same committee that earlier approved it. Film maker Joan Shenton talks to David about her experiences, joined by philosophy professor Babette Babich who has written on the censorship of science from within.

Professor Babich’s has made her article publicly available. Please click on the link right here to read: Calling Science Pseudoscience
Alternatively, you can watch her discuss the paper right here: Video – Calling Science Pseudoscience

The Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss documentary, Positive Hell, can be viewed by clicking on the title.
Also available is an interview with Joan discussing the documentary and its censorship: ‘London Live’


Infectious Myth – Martin Walker on Dirty Medicine – 04.19.16

In episode 98 David interviews Martin Walker, author of Dirty Medicine, who has studied the shadowy people and AstroTurf groups that attack anyone who criticizes medical dogmas. He started with the approval and marketing of the first AIDS drug, the toxic AZT, in 1987, and continuing through the findings of gut damage from the MMR vaccine by Andrew Wakefield and his many colleagues. This struggle rages today with the censorship of the movie Vaxxed in New York and the AIDS documentary Positive Hell in London. David is joined by his How Positive Are You co-host, Elizabeth Ely.
Martin’s website is:


Infectious Myth – Stefan Lanka – There are no Viruses – 04.12.16

David interviews Dr. Stefan Lanka, educated as a virologist, but who doesn’t want to use the term because he no longer believes in disease causing viruses. They talk about his early experiments with a virus-like object he found in marine algae, his early concerns about the HIV theory, and his recent court cases with the measles virus. When Lanka put up a monetary prize for someone who could prove the measles virus existed, a doctor came forwards with six classic measles papers, although stunningly, Lanka reports that the doctor didn’t feel he needed to read them. Lanka lost the first court case, but won on appeal. Lanka is also a supporter of Hamer’s “New Medicine”, often referred to as “German New Medicine”, although he is concerned about the racist views of its creator.


Infectious Myth – Sexual Assault – 04.06.16

David Crowe takes up the difficult issue of sexual assault. Given the proposition that (A) too many sexual assaults are unreported/unpunished, and that (B) too many innocent men are being punished for sexual assaults that didn’t happen or that they didn’t do, you might think the question is ‘A or B?’. But David points out that both can be simultaneously true. He addresses some incredible stories of sexual assault, some ambiguous cases, and some cases that resulted, or nearly resulted, in a man being falsely punished. He ends with a plea for a truly open discussion.

The resources David referenced in this episode can be found at:


Infectious Myth – David Crowe on the Capitoline Wolf – 03.29.16

Why is David talking about an old bronze sculpture, has he gone crazy? Actually, maybe not, the Capitoline wolf is an iconic Italian sculpture representing the legend of Romulus and Remus, abandoned by their evil uncle to die after a bloody palace coup, but saved by a lactating wolf. The mystery is the age of the sculpture, is it 2500 years old or about 1000? Why not any dates in between? And what can science tell us about this sculpture, and what can it not? David also discusses the danger of a dogma that has infected sculpture theory. Following this discussion David gives his thoughts on the Brussels and Lahore terrorist attacks.


Infectious Myth – The Vitamin Murders with James Fergusson – 03.22.16

In episode 94 David interviews James Fergusson, the author of the 2007 book, “The Vitamin Murders”. The book covers the authors own concerns about contamination in his own family’s food, and Jack Drummond, who designed the British food rationing system during World War II. Some people think the restricted calorie intake, especially sugar, made this the healthiest time for the average Brit. After WW II, however, Jack Drummond, his wife, and their daughter, were murdered brutally and bloodily in the south of France, while ostensibly on holiday. But were they on holiday or on a secret mission? James Fergusson’s website is:

After the interview, David reports on a $100 million advertising campaign for Gilead’s expensive new Hepatitis C drug, Harvoni ( and a recent podcast with a man who survived Hepatitis C drugs but, when they didn’t cure his cirrhosis, worked out a natural protocol that did allow his liver to recover, to the surprise of his doctor (


Infectious Myth – Blogging Paxil Hell with Bob Fiddaman – 03.15.16

David interviews Bob Fiddaman, a survivor of a Paxil (called Seroxat in the UK, where he lives) prescription. He talks about why he was persuaded to ignore his less than ideal life situation and accept a medical diagnosis, and how Paxil put him in a state where he didn’t care about anything. When he decided he’d had enough, he discovered that withdrawal was hell. Afterwards, instead of walking away, he set up a blog ( where he has tackled the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, and other manufacturers of similar drugs, with humor, for about 10 years. Finally he describes a British lawsuit over the addictive nature of this SSRI anti-depressant.

Bob’s blog, and links to news items, can be found at:


Infectious Myth – Dirty Electricity with Sam Milham – 03.08.16

In Episode 92 David discusses the theory of Sam Milham that it is electricity, not chemicals, that is the cause of the so-called “Diseases of civilization”, such as diabetes, heart disease and degenerative neurological conditions like MS and ALS. It is certainly true that electricity has expanded as these diseases have grown, but David wants to know why chemicals in our food, air, water, medicines and so on, aren’t a more plausible cause.