FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - MARCH 19:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guest gathered at Fountain Park during a campaign rally on March 19, 2016 in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Trumps visit to Arizona is the second time in three months as he looks to gain the GOP nomination for President.  (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

Aaron Mehta – Trump Proposes Lifetime Ban on Defense Firms Hiring DoD Contracting Officials

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump has put forth the idea of banning the defense industry from hiring former Pentagon contracting officials, just days after creating a stir in the defense industry by saying Boeing’s contract for an Air Force One replacement should be cancelled. According to a Reuters news service report, Trump told a rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that …


David Dillard-Wright – The Cult of Trump

As of this writing, Donald Trump is making his cabinet picks, which aside from conspiracy-monger Steve Bannon, look like the usual rightward Wall Street and D.C. insiders. The Trump regime seems so far like it will promote an uglier and more aggressive version of the standard Republican policies: deregulation, privatization and tax cuts for the wealthy. We can expect to …


Visionaries – 11.21.16

“Phil Cousineau:” Interview with the author of more than 25 books, lecturer, scholar, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker. His books include “The Hero’s Journey” about Joseph Campbell’s life, “Soul: An Archaeology, Readings from Socrates to Ray Charles,” and “The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide the Making Travel Sacred.” Phil is host of Global Spirit, which you can see on PBS and Link TV.

Chemical Companies to Write Own Chemical Safety Standards – Christine Sarich

With bill S.697, the chemical industry is about to be given free reign to write their own safety standards. Unless, they are willing to drink their own glyphosate to prove it is “completely safe” as one Patrick Moore recently refused to do, then it hardly makes sense for them to decide if their own products meet safety requirements for the public. Congress hasn’t passed a chemical …