PAUL STREET – The World War to Save Livable Ecology

Why Climate Change Trumps Nuclear War One of many disturbing moments in the first “presidential” “debate” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump one week ago at Hofstra University came when the latter contender proclaimed dismissively that nuclear war, “not climate change,” posed the greatest threat to humanity today. His comment elicited no response from Mrs. Clinton or the debate moderator. There were …


76% Want Four-Person Debates, Why Are Establishment Elites Preventing It; We Are Calling for People to Occupy the Debates

A recent USA Today poll found 76% of voters want debates with four candidates including not just the two most hated candidates in history, the Republican and Democratic nominees and their vice presidential running mates, but Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka of the Greens, and Gary Johnson and Bill Weld of the Libertarians. Any candidate on enough ballots to achieve 270 electoral …


Leid Stories – Declare Your Own Independence (of Thought) on ‘Free Your Mind Friday! – 07.01.16

It’s our freewheeling open forum, and listeners’ opinions and ideas aren’t just part of the program; they are the program, the entire show. Bring your unique perspectives on the issues of the day—or any subject you think warrants further discussion and/or debate—to our gathering place, Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday.” Call 888-874-4888 and declare your own independence … of thought!


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 06.08.16

The scientific results are in: Antidepressants do not work. Premier researcher Irving Kirsch, PhD brilliantly explains the facts. Then we have a friendly debate about why psychiatry and medicine have continued to escalate their prescription of antidepressants despite the over overwhelming facts. I have the darker view on human motivation.


Leid Stories – No Mincing of Words Here, It’s ‘Free Your Mind Friday!’ – 06.03.16

It’s our weekly open forum, dedicated to listeners’ views about the week’s programs, news issues and events, or any subject worthy of further discussion and/or debate. No mincing of words on “Free Your Mind Friday;” say what’s on your mind and let the proverbial chips fall where they may.

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Leid Stories – Call It As You See It on ‘Free Your Mind Friday!’ – 05.27.16

Let’s hear what you have to say—about anything you consider worthy of further discussion and debate. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, and listeners call the shots. The entire program is devoted to their opinions and ideas. It’s the gathering place for thinking minds.

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Leid Stories – Free Your Mind—And Ours, Too! – 04.01.16

Yes, it’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, and you’re cordially invited to opine, prognosticate, analyze, dissect, debate, challenge, report, differ—you know, sound off. We just need to know about what, and you need to know that it’s possible someone would take you on.
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Leid Stories – Only You Can Free Your Mind! – 03.18.16

It’s time to defrag, time to put the week into proper perspective. That’s what we do on Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday.”

Share your thoughts, opinions and ideas about things that mattered this week—or about anything that warrants further discussion and/or debate. Call in (888-874-4888) and be a peer educator!


Binoy Kampmark – “Buying Hillary Clinton”: The Courting of Wall Street

“Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me.” Hillary Clinton, The Hill, Jan 22, 2016 Hillary Clinton may still win the Democratic Primary race when the final votes limp through. But if she does, negativity and evasion will be her masters. Oh, and the motor of finance. Clinton shares with her husband an insatiable appetite for speaking fees. Her …


Graham E. Fuller – Seeing ‘Evil’ Everywhere

It is depressing to witness the ongoing vitriolic voices of vituperation spewing out over the airwaves these days in what passes as “political debate,” especially in Republican circles. Depressing also to know that we still have nearly a year more to go of this same political circus of infotainment whose chief purpose really is to distract the public from the …