The Gary Null Show – 10.06.16

Today On The Gary Null Show Gary talks about the benefits of cinnamon, the destruction of the rain forests, a commentary on the Clintons and drugs for children. In the second half of the program Gary speaks with guest Diana Johnstone on Hillary Clinton’s imperialist ideology and her role in the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. Dr. Diana Johnstone is an American geopolitical investigative author residing in Paris who focuses on Western foreign policy. She has been a long time civil rights activist going back to the Vietnam war. Diana was the European editor for the US weekly In These Times for 11 years and the press officer for the European Greens in the European Parliament. Her early book “Fools Crusade” raised controversies over her analysis of the Serbia-Bosnia war, yet has been defended by Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Tariq Ali and others. Diana had received her doctorate from the University of Minnesota and her articles frequently appear on Counterpunch, Tomdispatch, In These Times, and other sources. Her latest book, with an excellent title, is “Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton,” and looks at the long history Hillary’s poor and failed foreign policy decisions from the Clinton administration to the present.


Andrea Germanos – Iraq War Architect Wolfowitz Putting His ‘Hopes’ in Clinton Presidency

Just ahead of a speech by Hillary Clinton in which she is expected to trumpet “American exceptionalism,” the Democratic presidential nominee appears to have received public backing from Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz. The 72-year-old deputy secretary of defense under President George W. Bush and cheerleader for the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq told Politico that Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are “both …


The Gary Null Show – 03.11.16

Roberto Lovato is an independent investigative journalist specializing in Latin American geopolitics, internal conflicts and border wars, asylum seekers and the US incarceration of immigrants, the war on drugs and climate change. He is a former research associate at the Center for Latino Policy Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, and a co-founder of the Latino online advocacy organization Presente.org. Earlier he was the executive director of the nation’s largest immigrant rights organization, Central American Resource Center and actively supported refugees and displaced communities during wartime El Salvador. He was also targeted for his efforts. Roberto’s research into post-Katrina migrant exploitation led to a congressional investigation. He is frequent contributor to The Nation, and his work appears in numerous publications including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Der Spiegel, American Prospect, Mother Jones, Salon and others. He also frequently appears networks such as MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NPR and al-Jazeera. His websites are RobertoLovato.com and Presente.org


‘Huge Error’: Former US Military Chief Admits Iraq Invasion Spawned ISIS

The U.S. is poised to repeat all the same mistakes in Syria that it made in Iraq after 9/11, says former head of Defense Intelligence Agency  The 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq fueled the creation of the Islamic State (ISIS) today and must serve as a warning against similar rash military intervention in Syria, a former U.S. intelligence chief said …


Der Spiegel – Is the Ugly German Back? Flames of Hate Haunt a Nation

It’s a Monday night in July and Samuel Osei is frightened to death. Two neo-Nazis have entered the concrete bloc apartment building where Osei is staying, on the edge of Greifswald, a city in eastern Germany. The two men are drunk and swearing. Osei, an asylum-seeker from Ghana, steps out on his balcony and tries to placate them. “I’m sorry,” …

What’s Really Behind Goldman Sach’s Bullish Stance on China Stocks? By Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Goldman Sachs is raising eyebrows on Wall Street with its unchecked bullish stance on the stock markets in China, as other major Wall Street firms issue investor cautions or take outright negative outlooks. Communist government intervention in Chinese markets is reaching unprecedented levels of meddling. Companies have been allowed to simply stop trading their shares to halt further price declines; …

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Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Have Clean Hands in Greece Crisis By Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Are Goldman Sachs executives Lloyd Blankfein, Gary Cohn and Addy Loudiadis losing any sleep over elderly pensioners waiting outside shuttered banks in Greece, desperately trying to obtain their pension checks to pay their rent and buy food? Are these Goldman honchos feeling a small pang of conscience over the humiliation by creditors of this once proud country? Perhaps Blankfein, who …

Demystifying Fascism: The Nightmare Years By Dr. Gary G. Kohls

I have in my library dozens of books that were written about the history of fascism and its politics, economics, religious affiliations and psychology that makes it succeed so often. That includes the varieties of fascism that were studied in Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Britain and America, among others. To my recollection, none of the lessons I learned from my …


US Intel Stands Pat on Malaysian Air Flight MH-17 Shoot-down Over Ukraine

Despite the high stakes involved in the confrontation between nuclear-armed Russia and the United States over Ukraine, the U.S. intelligence community has not updated its assessment on a critical turning point of the crisis – the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 – since five days after the crash last July 17, according to the office of the Director of …


Guiding Obama into Global Make-Believe

CIA Director John Brennan told TV host Charlie Rose on Friday that, on assuming office, President Barack Obama “did not have a good deal of experience” in intelligence-related matters, adding – with remarkable condescension – that now “he has gone to school and understands the complexities.” If that’s the case, I would strongly suggest that Obama switch schools. Judging from his …