A Bowl of Soul – 05.11.18

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 05-11-2018 If You Can Want (Unreleased) – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – R&B – 1967 If You Can Want (Released Version) – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – R&B – 1968 Swept For You Baby – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – R&B – 1966 Best Friend – Brandy – R&B – 1995 …


A Bowl of Soul – 02.23.18

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 02-23-2018 – Celebrating February is Black History Month, Part III Do It Frankie – Frankie Crocker – R&B – 1967 Don’t Be Sore At Me – Parliament Featuring George Clinton – R&B – 1967 Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn – James Brown – R&B/Funk – 1969 Can’t Last A Day …


Resistance Radio – Guest: Juliee de la Terre – 11.05.17

Juliee de la Terre holds an MS from the Gaylord Nelson Institute for environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She has been an activist since she was a child helping her mother care for injured wildlife.She lives on a small farm in southwest WI where she grows most of her food and teaches others the art of self-reliance. …


Leid Stories—Disaster in the Caribbean: A Reflection of Colonial Times; Two Protests, One Seeks A Buy-In; the Other Uncovers A Sellout–09.25.17

The response by the United States and Britain, principally, to current or former territories in the Caribbean that have been devastated by the recent spate of hurricanes tells a story that goes far beyond the matter of humanitarian aid. A tale of two protests. Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s one-man protest against white supremacy and injustice got a huge boost this …

Natural Nurse

The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Sleep Support, Herbally – 08.29.17

Sleep can be challenging! Insomnia- difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep, is a condition that effects almost everyone at some time or another. If the condition becomes chronic, it can interfere with the quality of life, causing people to find it difficult to concentrate during the day, and jeopardizing overall health and wellness. Join Host Ellen Kamhi, www.naturalnurse.com,  for a discussion …


The Gary Null Show – 08.28.17

Today is August 28th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. In this episode Gary gives his thoughts on the tragic events in Houston and what we have to do moving forward. Download this episode (right click and save)


Economic Update – Capitalism’s Leaders – 07.17.17

Updates on dueling health bills, cutting min wages, Pope on labor unions, Seattle taxes the rich. Major discussions of G-20 “leaders “, Detroit’s “revival”, beer company goes to worker ownership and directorship. Download this episode (right click and save)


Project Censored – 05.23.17

This week’s program is a panel discussion among the three hosts, examining some recent news stories. They begin with the death of musician Chris Cornell, and how corporate media frames individuals’ drug problems. Then, for the majority of the hour, they consider the multiple grounds for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Download this episode (right click and save)


The Vinyl Experience – 05.19.17

VE 331 5 19 17 For Chris Cornell Pearl Jam: Just Breathe Nirvana: Lake Of Fire Chris Cornell: Thank You Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun Alice In Chains: Heaven Beside You Soundgarden: Spoonman Jimi Hendrix: The Wind Cries Mary Soundgarden: Fell On Black Days The Doors: The Crystal Ship Soundgarden: Pretty Noose Janis Joplin: Piece Of My Heart Pearl Jam: Amongst …