Haroon Siddique – GMO enzymes used in food and cleaning products “are potent allergens”, warns study

* Research says genetically modified enzymes, which allow products to be still labelled as ‘natural’, should be tested like potentially hazardous chemicals Genetically modified enzymes used in food, perfumes, medicine and cleaning products are “potent allergens” and should be tested like other potentially hazardous chemicals, experts have said. There has been an explosion in the use of enzymes to boost …


The Gary Null Show – 06.30.16

On “The Gary Null Show” today, Gary takes calls from listeners and speaks on the horror that our Vets deal with and gives us new health news and a video Hillary wouldn’t like to see. Clink on the links to read more after hearing Gary’s comments.

Support the OCA & OCF – Sold Out. Again.

Gary talks about how we have to stop this government and a constitutional convention may be the best thing for the states to protect the people living there.

Helicopter Parents: Hovering may have effect as kids transition to adulthood

The older the drinking age, the lower the illness rates?

Heal your digestion with the benefits of L-Glutamine

Boost energy at the office

VIDEO: Black people should HATE Hillary Clinton!

Gary takes a quick music break and plays this jem: Isaac Hayes – Shaft

Gary comes back to take calls about the topics he has been discussing this show.

Italian court rules stealing food is not a crime if you are poor and hungry

Gary discusses his interaction with homeless Vets around Florida and what they have to do to stay out of trouble.

10 things you should know about what it’s really like to be homeless