Alternative Visions – Labor Fightback Network Cleveland Conference – 08.11.17

Host Jack Rasmus interviews guest members of the Labor Fightback Network and their recent conference held in Cleveland. The Network is an organization of local union activists, elected officers, and select union representatives attempting to return the US union movement to a tradition of independent political action, progressive economic demands like ‘Medicare for All/Single Payer’, and labor community alliances. Jack …


Hillary’s Rigged Primary Victories are Showing the World Presidents are Selected — Not Elected

Phoenix, AZ – The fix is apparently in for the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, after massive voter suppression was reported in the Arizona Democratic primary. In 2012, Maricopa County had 200 polling locations open on primary day, but reduced the number of polling stations to only 60 for 2016. The extreme reduction of polling locations served to create wait times …


Bernie Sanders, – What Happened Tuesday in Arizona Should Be Considered a National Disgrace

 got an email last night from a woman who waited five hours to vote in Arizona. Five hours. We don’t know how many thousands of people didn’t get to cast their ballots yesterday in Arizona because they couldn’t afford to wait that long. Scenes on cable news last night showed hundreds of people in line at11:30pm in Phoenix – more than four …


Ask Beatty – 10.05.15

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Beatty’s guest today was Loretta K. Davis, lawyer, former Judge and Executive Director of the Retreat, an organization that provides a variety of domestic violence services for survivors and their families, including a 24 hour hotline, preventive programs in the schools for teens and new father initiatives. If you want to hear an in depth conversation about domestic violence and more importantly, what we can do about ending violence, you will not want to miss this show.

Arizona foster care

Arizona Continues Record Pace of Taking Children out of Homes into State Custody – Now 1 of every 100 Children in Foster Care

Ever since the inception of MedicalKidnap.com in the fall of 2014, we have been reporting that the State of Arizona has the highest percentage of any other state in the U.S. in taking children out of their homes and putting them into foster care. Are we to believe that there are more criminal, abusive parents in Arizona than anywhere else? …

State-Mandated Malpractice? Doctors Fight Anti-Choice Law That ‘Would Force Them to Lie’ – Sarah Lazare

A group of Arizona health care providers launched a fight on Thursday to overturn a recently enacted,controversial bill that would require doctors to lie to their patients by telling them it is possible to reverse amedication-induced abortion. In a lawsuit backed by the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights, medical providers—including Planned Parenthood—charge that the new act is a “violation of medical ethics” …