The past, present and future of African dust

So much dust is scattered across the planet by the winds of the Sahara that it alters the climate. However, the emission and transport of this dust, which can reach the poles, fluctuate considerably. Although many hypotheses have been put forward to explain this phenomenon, no unambiguous relationship between this dust and the climate had been established until now. According …


Expat Files – 05.03.15

-Easter week in Latin America (called Semana Santa) can be a truly crazy and some say, nerve wracking experience for gringos and expats. Here’s why….

-Because the “gringo advantage” is alive and well especially off the tourist trail, eventually you will meet a Latin person with a gringoized name that seems so tacky or wacky that you think it must be some kind or nickname or inside joke. But don’t assume. Don’t assume anything! Just try not to laugh… that would be rude.

Qatar, China, Egypt, India and Nigeria “worst countries to work in” – with U.S. not far behind – Joe Quirke

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has published a report that ranks countries according to how well they protect the rights of workers. The Global Rights Index gives each country in the world a score out of five, with zero designating a country in which labour rights are sacrosanct and five a country with no protections at all. Twenty-four countries …

retreat flower

Retreat, Renewal & Rejuvenation: A Process of Spiritual Development

Why has withdrawal always been so foundational to spiritual transformation? Why do we go on retreat? Retreat not just physical retreats but the notion of going inwards has to do with letting go of all the surface distractions in our lives. It allows the minor irritants and frustrations that create a little static in our hearts and minds to fall …