Expat Files – 03.18.16

-What if you get into a car accident or hit a pedestrian in Latin America? What to do? You call the car insurance company and lawyer and wait for help, right? Sure, that’s the right thing to do, however almost all lawyers, professionals, upscale Latins and even “Driver’s Ed” instructors are advising their friends, clients and students to do something much different all depending depending on the circumstances. Of course that special advice will always be “off the record”.

-When Gringo “good Samaritan” efforts backfire:

-Another reason Latins think Gringos are a bit crazy:

Did you know Latins have definite opinions about “OUR” choices in the Latin mating, dating and marriage game? Down here in Latin America they locals are especially surprised, even perplexed when they occasionally see some tall, strapping gringo or attractive gringa dating a person “THEY” feel culturally or economically superior to. For example: I’ve heard the occasional negative comments from slightly irritated Latins who see Gringos/Gingas dating short, dark indigenous people (instead of the traditional sexy Latin/Latina stereotypes). Yes, average Latins are often very classist and racist- no, not against us Gringos and Gringas but against their own countrymen and women.

Gringos, Latins and lotteries:

Yes there are dozens of types of lotteries in Latin America. Some are announced in the papers, some on TV and there’s also the traditional paper ticket types bought on the street. Still other lotteries come as annoying text messages on cell phones. Now, there’s one special lottery all Latins would love to win, but as for gringos hitting that jackpot… most of us would reject the prize in a heartbeat. You’ll never guess what lottery I’m referring to…