Expat Files – 06.16.17

#1- A zero cost “secret stash” security tip for people traveling in and around Latin America(or anywhere for that matter) #2 Oh for the good old days when “Cash was King”. Have you heard cash is on the way out and will soon be dead in the first world? It’s now being phased out in certain sheeple infested European countries …


Expat Files – 05.28.17

#1- How to shift some of your assets to Latin America and plan ahead for that eventuality. Expat gonnabees and wannabees want to know what Latin assets they should consider buying and/or investing in that might assure a nice stable, low stress “Plan B” life when they finally arrive.   #2- LATIN BANKS: you’ll certainly need an account in one …


Expat Files – 05.12.17

  #1- Ecuador has now been permanently pulled from my preferred Expat “Plan B”destination list. Problem is, when the gringos come en mass so does the gouging and since the Ecuadorian government is dead set on subsidizing socialism for the masses, Gringos are taking it in the trasero. It will never end. Last month it was the 5% capital and …


Expat Files – 05.05.17

#1- I told you so! Today we have proof that the majority of Latin countries are now in the active stages of tightening their immigration and residency requirements for foreigners (that means gringos). Today we excerpt a trusted Panama media source outlining how residency requirements and tourist visa renewal laws are changing right now in Panama listing Latin countries that …


Expat Files – 04.02.17

#2-A quick guide to hiring and firing maids, gardeners and other domestic help. Up in the states, most gringos and Expats can never afford a maid or gardener. That can present stressful boss/employee relations problems if not handled correctly right from the start. Problem #1: Many Gringos/Gringas feel quite guilty about paying so little (considered slave wages in the states). They often compensate by being very lenient and letting maids set the rules in the house, often forgetting who’s the boss and who’s the employee.

Looking into the Eyes of Central American Refugees in a Time of Hate and Fear

When I crossed the border, a man with his shirt unbuttoned down to his belly and sweat pouring down his chest took my passport, glanced at it for no more than two seconds, then stamped it with a smile and cheerily barked to me “welcome to Mexico.” My entry into Mexico couldn’t have been easier, because I’m from Australia and …


Gang Violence Drives Internal Displacement in El Salvador

CALUCO, El Salvador, Oct 7 2016 (IPS) – A basketball court in this small town in western El Salvador was turned overnight into a shelter for some two dozen families forced to flee their homes after a recent escalation of gang violence. But they are still plagued with fear, grief and uncertainty. “I am devastated, I have lost my father …