The Vinyl Experience – 08.18.17

VE 337 8 18 17 Tom Jones: Elvis Presley Blues U2: Elvis Presley And America Elvis Presley: Don’t Be Cruel, Teddy Bear, Good Luck Charm, Tommorow Is A Long Time Dire Straits: Calling Elvis Jimmy Webb: Elvis And Me Mrc Cohn: Walking In Memphis Mojo Nixon: Elvis Is Everywhere Cowboy Junkies: Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis) Groucho Marx: Omaha …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 11.30.16

An astonishing hour with classicist Michael Fontaine PhD relating Greek and Roman tragedies to madness, psychosis, the oppression and liberation of women, the impact of Elvis and the Beatles, and the fear that men have of women and of slaves. Truly a rich and thoughtful conversation about psychology and life, now and in the past, and its common themes of conflict and injustice.


How Corporations Dump Their Toxic Sludge in Areas Filled With Poor People By Erik Loomis

The following is an excerpt from Out of Sight: The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe [3]by Erik Loomis (The New Press, [4] 2015): The new environmental laws of the 1970s proved immediately effective. Between 1972 and 1978, presence of sulfur dioxide in the environment fell 17 percent, carbon monoxide by 35 percent, and lead by 26 percent.15 Americans lauded a future …