It’s All About Food – Josh Tickell, Kiss the Ground – 10.31.17

Josh Tickell, Kiss the Ground Josh Tickell is a Sundance award winning film director, bestselling author and thought leader. His films and books focus on critical, “big picture” social issues including alternative energy, conscious capitalism and reversing climate change. Josh’s first movie, Fuel, won the Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary and to theaters globally. He recently co-directed the 2017 Lionsgate release, Good …


Leid Stories—Two Americas: One White, the Other Besieged—09.18.17

Recent social, political and economic developments have been pointing up a long-held fact of life in America: It continues to be the land of the great divide. The televised Emmys awards show still took top billing over real-time protests  against police killings of fellow Americans. Leid Stories asks listeners: What [else] must be done to make racial and economic justice …


Connect The Dots – Michael Nigro – 04.05.17

Listen to photojournalist, Michael Nigro, an award-winning, Emmy-nominated writer-director and multimedia journalist who extensively covered Standing Rock all the way from the start through the final day. Nigro will share his experiences in the trenches, what he bore witness to, and the go along to get along mainstream coverage that fails to cover the most important stories of our time— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.


Trump on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press

No one can know for sure what the incoming Trump administration will do, but President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized and threatened the media in the United States. In lieu of attempting the impossible and predicting the future, we’ve gathered all of Trump’s stated positions on free speech and freedom of the press. If you are aware of any additional …


Ugo Bardi – The War Of The Sexes: The Origins Of Gender Inequality

Some time ago, I was chatting at home with a friend who is a researcher specialized in “gender inequality”. I asked her what were the ultimate origins of this inequality but we couldn’t arrive at a conclusion. So, I happened to have in a shelf nearby a copy of the “Malleus Maleficarum”, the book that Kramer and Sprenger wrote in …



High doses of vitamin D may be an effective way to for people to fight infections like HIV-1. “Vitamin D may be a simple, cost-effective intervention, particularly in resource-poor settings, to reduce HIV-1 risk and disease progression,” researchers write in a new study published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For the study, researchers looked at two …


Corporate mindfulness is bullsh*t: Zen or no Zen, you’re working harder and being paid less

Mindfulness has become a household word. Time magazine’s cover of a youthful blond woman peacefully blissing out anchors the feature story, ‘Mindful Revolution.’ From endorsements by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Goldie Hawn, to monks, neuroscientists, and meditation coaches rubbing shoulders with CEOs at the World Economic Forum in Davos, it is clear that mindfulness has gone mainstream. But is the mindfulness boom really …


Danny Schechter Lives

My old and dear friend Danny Schechter died last week of pancreatic cancer. Danny Schechter the news dissector, a great radical journalist, and a critical ally of the African National Congress and the South African revolution lived for 72 years. As a footnote to his life but a big thing in mine he was the first person who organized me …