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John Michael Greer is one of America’s most insightful historical philosophers, a futurist and independent scholar, environmentalist, expert in energy and peak oil studies, and a novelist. He is also the Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America. His analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations and the limits of technology and the idea of progress have been recommended by numerous peer-reviewed journals and magazines. The Futurist magazine has called his portrayal of the rise and collapse of civilization as one of the more realistic analysis one can find. John is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the peak oil community. His blog, the Archdruid Report, is widely read for his commentaries on nature, spirituality, sustainable culture, and critiques of postmodern industrial civilization. He has published over 20 books. His most recent is “After Progress; Reason and Religion at the End of the Industrial Age,” and his website isTheArchDruidReport.blogspot.com

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Nanoparticles in Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide in Consumer Products Significantly Alter Good Bacteria In The Gut – MARCO TORRES

Nanoparticles are known to be toxic to beneficial bacteria that break down substances in the gut. Writing in Environmental Engineering Science, researchers say that exposure to metal oxide nanoparticles at levels present in consumer products, foods and drinking water could lead to measurable changes in the gut microbiota. For years, a rapidly expanding quantity of engineered nano-products have flooded the …

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Nanoparticles In Food and Water Found to Alter Gut Microbiome – Heather Callaghan

Nanotechnology – that is, metal oxide particles* such as titanium dioxide – are increasingly used in the commercial food supply, consumer goods, body care and in water treatment. The gut microbiome is today’s most appealing topic of science because it was previously unacknowledged by the medical community just how important gut health is to the human brain, hormones, immunity, mental health and …