Leid Stories – 07.14.15

Downgrade: Behind the AFT’s Superhyped Endorsement of Hillary

Garner Family Settles Chokehold Case: Money Talked, Justice Walked

The American Federation of Teachers made big news July 11 when its president, Randi Weingarten, a longtime friend and political supporter of Hillary Clinton, announced that the 1.6-million-member union voted “overwhelmingly” to back the presidential contender.

Dr. Thomas C. Pedroni, associate professor of curriculum studies and policy sociology at Wayne State University and co-director of the Detroit Data and Democracy Project, explains why the AFT is drawing heat from the rank and file over the endorsement, and how Clinton’s record on education betrays her right-wing agenda.

The family of Eric Garner has agreed to settle a $75-million lawsuit it threatened against the City of New York for Garner’s police-chokehold death on July 17 last year. The family will accept a $5.9-million payout, and the city admits no liability for the actions of Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who placed Garner in the banned chokehold, nor any other city employees involved in the fatal encounter.

Leid Stories explains how money talked and justice walked.


Leid Stories – 07.13.15

A Year After Eric Garner’s Murder, Still No Justice On July 17, 2014, the life of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six from Staten Island, N.Y., came to a horrific end in a matter of seconds—death by police chokehold. Plainclothes officers had approached Garner to arrest him for selling loose cigarettes. When Garner objected to being arrested, Officer Daniel …