Leid Stories—Haitians in Central and South America Brace Against Bleak Prospects in Bid to Return Home; Sex Abuse Charges Sink NY Attorney General, Not Legal Abuse of Communities of Color—05.08.18

The draconian programs that the Trump administration has vowed to implement to curb illegal immigration into the United States are having ripple effect elsewhere in the hemisphere. Several Central and South American countries are doing thee same, expelling hundreds of thousands who previously were welcomed under a number of national and international humanitarian compacts but now want their foreign guests …

Tanika Mason

Replenish Me – 03.08.18

Tanika Mason is a Confidence Embodiment Coach who believes that success starts from cultivating confidence from within. The Founder of Uninhibited U, she choreographs bad ass routines, life and business plans and strategies for her clients that help them embody their inner, sexy, bold confidence and unleash it into the world so that they can take courageous action in turning …


Lauren McCauley – NY Nuke Plant to be Shuttered, But Will Cuomo Turn to Dirty Gas Instead?

New York’s “dangerously decrepit” Indian Point nuclear power plant will officially shut down by April 2021, according to an agreement reached this week between the state and Entergy utility company. A source “with direct knowledge of the deal” told the New York Times that one reactor will “cease operations by April 2020, while the other must be closed by April …


Nika Knight – Bad Week for Exxon: Outlook Plunges as NY Court Says Climate Criminal Must Comply

ExxonMobil is having a very bad week. The oil giant was slammed Wednesday with a ruling against it from New York’s highest court in the ongoing climate fraud investigation, as well as a scathing report from a financial analysis firm that suggested the company’s fortunes may be in “irreversible decline.” The New York State Supreme Court ordered the oil behemoth …


Eric Zeusse – cWhy Both Clinton & Trump Are Corrupt

In order to overcome the partisanship on both sides of this U.S. Presidential contest, the corruption of both of the candidates needs to be acknowledged, and a quick way to do that is to consider the cases of their respective charities (we’ll go beyond that to a broader view afterward): On September 10th, David A. Farenthold headlined in the Washington Post, «How …


Leid Stories—NY’s Attorney General Targets Trump Foundation; Ignores Clintons’ Charity Fraud—10.04.16

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, saying there is reason to believe there are major irregularities with the Trump Foundation’s fundraising practices and even with its legal status as a charity, on Monday banned the foundation from soliciting funds in New York (where the foundation is registered) until it complies with state charity laws.


Leid Stories—Bad Medicine, Big Money: Bombshell Congressional Report Says Clinton Foundation-Foreign Pharma ‘Charity’ Partnership Made Millions Giving Poor HIV/AIDS Patients ‘Watered Down’ Drugs—09.21.16

A blistering, just-concluded congressional report on the operations of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)—the highest-revenue-generating project of The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation that was spun off as its own nonprofit in 2010—charges that the former president’s much-vaunted global HIV/AIDS relief program distributed “watered down” and “adulterated” medications to patients in sub-Saharan Africa and in cash-strapped countries where …


Why Are Some Supplement Companies Thinking about Giving Durbin What He Wants?

The senator’s bill has been repeatedly defeated. Why capitulate now? A trade journal reports that some in the supplement industry are apparently considering supporting a Durbin-style proposal for a supplement pre-market notification system. It was reportedly discussed at a recent trade meeting. What is the explanation? One that we have heard is that some supplement companies are seeking to placate …


Everything I Should be Learning About Life I Could be Learning from My Houseplants

Spring reminds us of the cycles of life and spirit. Each week when I water my houseplants, I am surprised by the subtle changes that have taken place in such a short time. Most of my plants started from seeds or cuttings and continue to grow, sometimes despite their environment and caretaker. Pruning and watering are my moving meditation, and …


Hightower: Rapacious Companies Go After Defenseless People in Debt

Good news, people: The “boom” is back! Yes, good times are here again, thanks to an economic boom that’s being generated by (of all things) bad times. As you might know from your own experiences, tens of millions of Americans have been hit hard, knocked down and held down in recent years by the collapse of jobs and wages. This …