Project Censored – 01.19.16

Peter and Mickey spend the hour in conversation with historian Laurence Shoup. Shoup’s new book, Wall Street’s Think Tank, is a study of the Council on Foreign Relations; Shoup describes the CFRas “the most influential private organization in the country,” and traces how it connects major U.S.corporations with government, academia, and media.


The U.N. at 70: Is It Still Fit for the Purpose? – Julia Rainer

Events are being organised around the world to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, but a recent seminar held in the Austrian capital was not held to applaud the body’s past contributions. Rather, the 45th International Peace Institute (IPI) Seminar, held from May 6 to 7,  saw representatives from the political, NGO, media and military sectors come …