When Is Life No Longer “Life”?

In the compelling new film Sister Cities, directed by Sean Hanish (above) and based on the award-winning play by Colette Freedman, we meet four adult sisters reuniting after their aging mother’s supposed suicide. However, questions soon arise about the mechanics of the suicide and the movie becomes about much more than reconnecting with estranged family. It becomes (spoiler alert!) about assisted suicide …


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.18.16

With a passionate condemnation of psychiatric “euthanasia”–that’s how I begin. Then my guest Bob Nikkel talks about pioneering programs in mental health and their funding by the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health, including a US family-oriented therapeutic intervention with an 80% success rate in returning people with acute psychosis to community, school, work, and ultimately to a better and happier life. Psychosocial therapies work; drug therapies make people worse. This is what science is confirming.


Katharine Mieszkowski – 10 things to know before you eat your next chicken dinner

This looks like a humble black work boot with a filthy white sock over it. But it actually is a secret weapon in the fight against salmonella, a microscopic bacteria that can make people sick. Danish farmers wear socks over their work boots when they’re in chicken houses to gather samples of the manure, which is tested for salmonella. Credit: …