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Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 02.11.16


We are joined by MIMI KENNEDY, BOB FITRAKIS & ANGELA WATTERS to seek out ways to stop the White House and the rest of our government from again being stolen yet again by election fraud.

The need to verify your own voter registration, to safeguard exit polling, to monitor electronic vote counts and much more are what we discuss here. Mimi from Progressive Democrats of America, Bob from and Angels from Reader Support News fill a completely packed hour on this critical topic.

We cannot afford the thefts of governorships in Wisconsin and Alabama to keep happening, or the thefts of the White House as in 2000 and 2004, and much more to continue to happen.

Get to the core of it in this hour with these great experts. We will continue to work on it as we fight our way to a truly democratic Solartopia the only way we can….with legitimate, reliable democratic elections…..


It’s All About Food – Jasmin Singer; Howard Jacobson – 01.26.16

Part I: Jasmin Singer, Always Too Much and Never Enough

Jasmin Singer is the co-host of the award-winning weeklyOur Hen House podcast and had a two-year stint co-hosting the Our Hen House TV show. Jasmin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Our Hen House, a nonprofit multimedia hub working to change the world for animals. Also with Our Hen House, she produces an online magazine (as the editor as well as a regular contributor) and a video production unit. She is a regular public speaker on the subjects of veganism and activism, and travels throughout the country (and beyond) to give workshops and keynotes at venues such as conferences, Vegetarian Food Fests, law schools, and universities. Her work has been featured in various mainstream media outlets, and she has extensive experiences on both sides of the microphone. Jasmin has a Masters in Experiential Health and Healing (The Graduate Institute), and a Holistic Health Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a BFA in Acting from Pace University.

Part II: Howard Jacobson, Plant Yourself
Howard Jacobson, PhD, runs, a health consulting service that empowers people to go from managing conditions to achieving true wellness. As a researcher, educator, and coach, Howard helps clients make informed decisions and take control of their health destiny. Howard is also the host of the Plant Yourself Podcast, and contributing author to WHOLE: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Proteinaholic, by Garth Davis, MD. Howard lives with his family in Pittsboro, North Carolina, where he likes to garden, practice Russian Martial Arts, play Ultimate Frisbee, and run the “No Soup For You” chicken sanctuary.


Progressive Commentary Hour – 01.19.16

Michael Ellner is an internationally respected scholar in mind-body medicine, an expert in hypnosis, and a leader in warning people about the destructive consequences of unrecognized suggestion and self-hypnosis, especially when confronting medical choices. He is the president of HEAL – the Health Education AIDS Liaison in New York City, the world’s oldest and largest all volunteer Alternative AIDS Information network started in 1982. HEAL was the first AIDS organization to challenge the automatic death sentence embedded in a positive AIDS diagnosis and was a pioneer in offering alternative challenges to the official AIDS establishment. Michael has received honors as Educator of the Year by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the National Federation of NLP. More about Michael and his work can be found at his websites: and

Tom DiFerdinando is a pain, injury and trauma therapist with nearly thirty years of experience. He was the Executive Director of HEAL NY (Health, Education, AIDS Liaison) from 1992 to 2013, working as an international speaker, HIV counselor, writer and editor, and director of HEAL’s popular weekly cable TV program HEAL This Week. Tom has been a leader in the AIDS dissident movement that perceives AIDS is a social problem and not a medical problem. He has also developed a counseling technique that centers on “crisis mentality” – an anxiety-regulating mechanism where, in the face of a crisis, preexisting and unresolved emotional tensions and conflicts in one’s life drive one not to solve the crisis but to perpetuate and escalate it. Along with HEAL’s president Michael Ellner, Tom’s mission has been to demystify health and illness, advocate for non-toxic, alternative approaches to health and healing, and help people with fears, concerns and conditions about AIDS.


Resistance Radio – Brian Ertz – 01.17.16

Brian Ertz is board president of Wildlands Defense. He has spent the last decade resisting this culture’s depraved relationship to the natural world via grassroots organizing, national media initiatives, administrative and legislative policy advocacy, and in support of a variety of litigation efforts aimed at preserving a wide variety of landscapes and wildlife species in the West. Today we talk about the armed right wing occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.


Dan Wright – Wall Street Taking Over Nonprofit Sector

hile there has traditionally been a close relationship between Wall Street donors and nonprofit organizations like charities and universities, a new study from the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) reveals a growing Wall Street takeover of nonprofit boards of directors. Using data from what are referred to in the study as major private research universities, elite small liberal arts colleges, …


Report Shows How Charter Schools Are in Business of ‘Privatization and Profiteering’

The explosion of charter schools in the U.S. is allowing individuals, corporations, and organizations to use public funds to secure their own financial gain and private profit—often at the expense of the common interest they claim to serve, a new policy brief from the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado-Boulder finds. Released Thursday by Rutgers Professor Bruce …


Leid Stories – 11.13.15

Fight the Power! Frustrate the System! Free Your Mind!

Welcome to the best peer-education program on the planet—Leid Stories’ “Free Your Mind Friday.” It’s an open forum for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas; analytical thinking is the star of the show.

Share your intellectual wealth. Call in (888-874-4888) and help us all fight the power and frustrate the system by freeing our minds!


iEat Green – Interview with Diane Hatz, Founder of Change Food – 07.30.15

This week, my guest on the Progressive Radio Network is Diane Hatz, the Founder and Executive Director of Change Food, a company who’s mission is to help individuals change the way they eat by raising public awareness, educating consumers and motivating behavior change around today’s problems with food. Diane uses her expertise to develop creative projects to help people make …

Deforestation in Asia and Africa: Palm Oil Giant Wilmar Resorts to “Dirty Tricks”

World’s largest palm oil trading company, Wilmar International Ltd., under scrutiny as communities accuse its suppliers of harassment, deception and rights abuses. Oil palm giant Wilmar International Ltd. (F34.SI / WLIL.SI) stands accused of resorting to ‘dirty tricks’ in its dealings with communities. The allegations come from community leaders and non-Governmental organisations who have tracked the company’s operations on the ground in Borneo, Sumatra, …