Expat Files – 05.22.16

#1- What’s that “Gringo Advantage” thing all about? Well, it starts with “boots on the ground”, that’s when you begin to notice the missing pieces in Latin owned businesses and their lack of attention to detail. Yet they still manage to survive and some have great success. Get ready to ask yourself over and over… how can that be? Seeing all that stuff, when the locals don’t, is the start of your “Gringo Advantage”

#2– People in the first-world say the legal system in Latin America does NOT favor the individual. That is, if one is suspected of a crime down here he is usually “guilty” until proven innocent. Well it’s not that simple and really depends on three important factors: social class, finances and whether or not you have a friendly attorney to phone up if you’re in trouble…

#3- Latin kids are well behaved, overly polite and respectful to their elders. That’s the solid opinion of nearly every visiting gringo. Yet Latins believe in corporal punishment- with 98% of adults reporting they were whacked as kids on occasion . So what goes on here? Could there be a correlation? Nah, that would be way too un-PC to even suggest….

#4-Some Gringos bring their bad first-world habits with them… please don’t do that!!

#5-Should you take advantage of the high interest rate bank CD’s that so many Latin Banks are offering? Sure, you can get up to 10% APR if you’ve got enough dough and time. But whats the catch and the risks?

#6- Besides the constant barrage of overtly sexy and scantily clad women, you’ll never guess what’s being shown on Latin TV. Would you believe certain Latin lawyers up in the states are showing up on Latin TV, teaching illegals up in the states exactly how to evade ICE, US Immigration officials? It’s something average American citizens will never understand unless they watch the Latin channels and speak Spanish, and of course that’ll never happen.

#7Consult with Johnny; schedule a cell or SKYPE call: Set up a time to talk and sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to:

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Latin America

Expat Files – 07.26.15

-If you come down to Latin America with only a few suitcases and bags(highly recommended), you’ll eventually need a whole lot of stuff to fill up that house or apartment. So today we have some great tips on how to find the best deals and best selection of any and all new and used stuff you might need once you …

Latin America

Expat Files – 07.19.15

-The so called “Lag Time” effect is alive and well here in Latin America.
Example: now for the first time there’s an “all new” great gringo expat business idea that’s flourishing. Only thing is, I spoke about this exact opportunity on a show over 4 years ago. Yes, it took 4 years to get here and looks like whoever’s doing it is set to make a killing. Which only proves once again that Expat wannabees and gonnabees can follow some simple formulas and do much the same thing.

-Panama just enacted price controls on 28 basic food items. Any pinhead knows price controls never ever work in the long run and only tend to distort the economy. Price controls are the best way to create black and grey markets and guaranteed shortages. Alas, who ever said govt decision makers rate any higher than pinheads.

-The truth about bugs, bats, wasps, snakes and other things that creep along in the night. Its true that rainforest creatures get cold and damp too. They’re near, at hand, and forever trying to find a way to co-exist with us. Be prepared for the occasional/inevitable) encounter so ladies, now might be time to think about growing a thicker skin.


Expat Files – 07.17.15

-Venezuela’s economy and currency, the Bolivar, are so out of control that the grey-market street exchange rate for dollars is now 50 times the official bank rate. With the “official” yearly inflation rate now pegged at 68%, the real number for basic goods is more like 500%. Meanwhile Chinese “saviors” have shown up. They are stealthily buying up everything they can (for dollars of course), picking up dying businesses, land and buildings at the ultra-fire sale of a lifetime.


Expat Files – 07.12.15

-More of the latest updates on certain Latin permanent residency programs for Expats. Note that very soon residency application requirements will be getting tougher. That means you’d better get on the stick and start making plans.        -Today we have another absolutely true, but very sad story, coming from a disjointed middle-class Latin American family with some members living …


Expat Files – 07.10.15

-Gringos, gringas and new Expats beware. If you’re driving through Latin America and find the need to stop at a hotel for the night don’t get fooled when you see very inviting hotel signs saying ”Auto- Hotel”. Even if they look nice, new, safe and secure, these places are NOT the Latin equivalent of a Budgetel or a Motel 6. …


Expat Files – 07.05.15

-What’s the story on property taxes in Latin America? Maybe you’ve heard they’re ridiculously low- and they are. Note that by Latin standards, even when property taxes are considered quite high, you can bet they’d be 4 times as much up in the first world. Remember, nothing is standard down here. Things are infinitely flexible- including property valuations for tax …


Expat Files – 06.26.15

-Chinese autos have invaded Latin America. Though they look like the usual high end common models you’re familiar with(clones of Toyota, Honda even Range Rover) and seem very nicely appointed in auto showrooms and good enough in test drives, don’t fall for the low prices and the hype… there’s trouble ahead.   -The case for buying non-original (clone) replacement parts …


Expat Files – 06.21.15

-Expats and gringos arrive in Latin America as newbees: not registered or tracked by any agencies or databases save for their entrance on immigration computers. It’s a real gift to be free from Big Brother’s microscope and that means we all start out in Latin America with a clean slate, a low profile and with a very tiny footprint. So …


Expat Files – 06.12.15

A few pointed gringo/expat stories of how they’ve been ripped off or gouged by their own Latin lawyers. Sometimes clueless gringo schmucks never find out they’ve been scammed and sometimes they do, but only when they try to sell or mortgage that little piece of paradise.   -Did you know that many Latin country land border crossings (the ones out …