Latin America

Expat Files – 06.07.15

-Slowly but surely Latins are becoming more and more security conscious and with the usual lag time they are taking baby steps. For example, many guard shacks checkpoints at upscale exclusive neighborhoods will demand a visitor’s driver’s license upon entering, photograph it and often hold it till your stay is done and you drive out. To me that’s too intrusive. …

latin america

Expat Files – 06.05.15

-As promised, you can now send an email and get a free copy of the new e-book, “Fast Spanish” written by a faithful listener and Expat Wisdom seminar attendee. Better hurry though, the free offer is only good for a week or so.       -Every day enlightened first world people are getting a plan “B” lined up as they …

Expat Files – 05.10.15

-Seems like everyone who’s been any kind of traveller at all occasionally checks in with the “Trip Advisor”. If you don’t know what the Trip Advisor is then you probably live in your basement. So today we have some comments, the pros and cons of using (and trusting) it as a free public service. Remember, you usually get what you pay for(including this show!)

-How “Trip Advisor”, big retirement magazines websites and vacation bloggers have slowly but surely put Roatan, Honduras smack on the gringo tourist trail. It’s not a good thing by any means. Adios Roatan! Formerly one of the best inexpensive, secret island paradise getaways. Guess we won’t be vacationing there anymore!

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Expat Files – 05.08.15

-Tips on packing and protecting your prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements. What to keep in mind when packing for trips to and from Latin America

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-Now for a disturbing recent eyewitness in-your-face report on drones and chem-trails in Coast Rica and Mexico.