Expat Files – 05.20.16

#1- Working “Off the Books” in Latin America: The poop on gringos and Expats working under the Latin tax radar.

#2– In their home countries, local Latins are experts at evading taxes – It’s a region where tax evasion is the national sport.

#3- Don’t believe it when a web search reveals certain tax rates – Personal or otherwise – In any particular Latin country. In reality they are much, lower and here’s why…

#4-In Latin America, Labor unions have not gone the way of the dodo like they’ve done in the states – In fact quite the opposite. Here’s the scoop…

#5- For many years poor Nicaraguans have been slipping illegally into Costa Rica looking for jobs and a better life. Working class Costa Ricans don’t like it one bit (Sound Familiar?) and are actively seeking them out and having them deported

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Expat Files – 04.10.16


Unfortunately, a good percentage of Gringos and Expats in Latin America have bought (or are buying) into the peak of the Latin Real estate bubble. How would they even know? Yes, everyone wants their little piece of paradise and as long as Latin vacation properties are remain cheaper than US vacation properties (not necessarily so) they think they’d better buy in now. A few short years ago buying Latin real estate seemed like such a no brainer but all things must end.., and this one will end badly. Bubbles that over-expand will deflate, bottom out and burn the last suckers in. Sure, some Gringo buyers who got in early found they could flip properties over and over at nice profits… and those stories help drive the bubble as greater fools rush in. Few if any recognize the ominous signs even now (bubble sign in itself). Even this late in the game fools still trickle in but NOT rushing in like they used to. Meanwhile, many fools are find they’re stuck, cash poor, in too deep, with too many properties and too few new suckers…


Today we have Part TWO of an interview with a profession Expat tax preparer who has over 600 Expat clients. He lives in Medellin, Colombia and knows the peculiarities of Expats and US taxes. We’ll ask him the tax questions that most concern Expats.

When it comes to Expats and US taxes, the most knowledgeable and best equipped tax preparers are generally long term Expats who advertise in the local Latin country they live in and thus provide face to face service. Caution! Your neighborhood tax guy in Cleveland probably hasn’t a single Expat client (except you maybe?). You don’t want to be his guinea pig.


Expat Files – 04.03.16


A high percentage of Gringos and Expats living in Latin America still believe in the American Republi-Rat political system. Talk about clueless Gringos! It’s a good thing most of those “brain lost” types are found living “on the gringo tourist trail”…and for me its reason number 4536 why I recommend living “off the tourist trail”. Here’s the scoop on that travesty…


Historically, Latins couldn’t care one frijole about US politics. However, for the first time ever local Latins are paying extreme attention to the race. The only issue for Latins here is immigration of course and today you’ll find out the crap the Latin media is spreading and hoe the locals are reacting…


You’ll be surprised to hear that most upscale and wealthy Latins American secretly hope Trump wins. Why? Because they’re embarrassed and shamed by the negative stereotypes created by those who have slipped into the US illegally. Many Latins with dough and education actually want Trump to build a wall to keep then sweaty masses out. Wealthy Latins are very classist and hate that white-bread US citizens seem to paint all classes Latins with the same negative brush.

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Expat Files – 03.04.16

-Today we have more emails from Canadian listeners. First, the subject is a professional couple hoping to transfer some of their first-world counseling and therapeutic skills down to Latin America. Their goal/wish is to continue working in a similar capacity once they arrive and get settled. So we’ll discuss the pros, cons, the options, availability and realities of coming down with high-level first-world skill sets. However it will be a difficult sell in a macho culture unaccustomed to modern healthcare therapies and a society that doesn’t much value one-on-one personal counseling- unless it comes from the neighborhood priest or pastor!

Again, it’s all about the lag-time effect…

– We also have a different kind of email from a well-traveled gringo an his wife who are looking to become permanent expats soon. I this case he and his wife’s concerns revolve around their handicapped daughter and the constant daily care, special training and therapy she will probably need for life. However, after some quality “boots on the ground” off the gringo tourists trail they have found some good solutions so far as they continue to make their exit plans and put the pieces together.