The Vinyl Experience – 12.08.17

VE 344 12 8 17 Vince Guarldi: Linus & Lucy Joni Mitchell: Help Me CSN: Marakesh Express Sam Cooke: Mean Old World Doors: Moonlight Drive Bob Dylan: Queen Jane Approximately West Side Story Original Cast: Prologue and Jet Song Bob James: The Golden Apple Killers: Mr. Brightside Dire Straits: Portobello Belle Steve Miller: Take The Money And Run (demo version) …


Britain’s oldest man dies aged 108

A centenarian who was thought to be Britain’s oldest man and put his longevity down to drinking vinegar has died aged 108. John Mansfield, known as Jack, died on Sunday evening just 16 days before his 109th birthday. In October he was named the oldest man in the country according to the website Oldest in Britain, which relies on members …

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“I plan on winning a Paralympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Games”…that sums up Will Lachenauer – member of the US Paralympic National Cycling Team that’s Rio bound. My talk with Will further demonstrates that despite life circumstances that seem incredibly daunting, determination and resiliency can get one through the worst of times. From motocross racer, climber. Mountain bike competitor to nationally ranked hand crank cyclist post his accident – Will’s remarkable zeal for life, family and work have given him an entire new perspective though the only thing Will says he can’t do nowadays is change light bulbs. Seems like a 90’s flashback that Pokemon is ubiquitous but the new Go version is prompting people who suffer from depression, agoraphobia and more to leave their homes. Can a game help treat mental illness and more through distraction?

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How to Find Your Power—and Avoid Abusing It –

For the past twenty years, I have been carrying out experiments to find out how power is distributed in groups. I have infiltrated college dorms and children’s summer camps to document who rises in power. I have brought entire sororities and fraternities into the lab, capturing the substance and spread of individuals’ reputations within their social networks. I have surreptitiously …


Research: TV Is Intellectually And Socially Dumbing Down Young Children

It is common for parents to feel that their children are spending too much time in front of the television set. According to a Canadian study, children who watch an excessive amount of television exhibit a multitude of negative side effects including poor language and social skills, and increased bullying. The 2013 study was set out to determine whether or …


Procrastination Part I: Why You Do It

This is the first of a two-part post on procrastination: Part I addresses why we procrastinate; Part II will focus on strategies to decrease procrastination. Many people misunderstand procrastination as a problem of laziness or poor time management. But procrastination—especially problem procrastination—is often a strategy used to manage struggles with self-esteem. Everybody puts off some things some of the time. But some folks …