Meria Heller – Roaring Truth, with Meria and Jim Fetzer – 10.29.17

Roaring Truth, with Meria and Jim Fetzer. The latest from the JFK Conference;Oswald and Tippett;autopsy photos;Jackie & Bobby;Mayor of Dallas brother was CIA; KGB in 1965 and Johnson;Johnson’s lover;latest paper release;Who’s the Lee in Mexico (Al Bundy?) ;Updates on: Sandy Hook, Boston, 9/11, Vegas;Len Posner drops his lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig;Boston bomber gets federal appeals court to hear case for his innocence;Airlines pay …


Jason Hickel – Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries

We have long been told a compelling story about the relationship between rich countries and poor countries. The story holds that the rich nations of the OECD give generously of their wealth to the poorer nations of the global south, to help them eradicate poverty and push them up the development ladder. Yes, during colonialism western powers may have enriched …


JONATHAN KIRSHNER – Five Looming Geopolitical Crises of the Trump Administration

Foreign policy crises are inevitable, and no American president can prevent them from arising. But it is possible to provoke, mismanage, and even exacerbate them, making a fraught situation catastrophically worse. We are only here today in part because John F. Kennedy overruled the hotheads among his advisors—they were in the majority—during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the anxious heat …

MARK WEISBROT – Doubling Down on Disaster: the Degradation of Brazil

When Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached in May and removed from office in August, many called it a coup. The president was not charged with anything that could legitimately be called a crime, and the leaders of the impeachment appeared, in taped conversations, to be getting rid of her in order to cut off a corruption investigation in which they and their …


Robert J Barsocchini – Carter Helped Argentine Satellite Dictator Drown Thousands of Dissidents: New Docs

Newly declassified documents pertaining to ‘Operation Condor‘, a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy sentiment in US satellites in Latin America, reveal that the government of Jimmy Carter provided assistance to the US proxy dictator in Argentina that helped him drown thousands of dissidents in the ocean or rivers. The revelations add to Carter’s already bloody legacy, which includes numeroussimilar crackdowns in US …


Expat Files – 12.11.16

#1- Part 4: Today we have our final segment on the Decameron “all inclusive” Latin beach resorts-revisited. Decamerons offer the least expensive “all inclusive” first-world style resort packages by far- and places that almost no native born American has ever heard of. Today we explain just what kind of people spend money to go to these resorts. Now being that these resorts are a totally Latin American product, there’s an ever present subtle (and not so subtle) class system ranking among the guests. That said, your Gringo advantage is super strong at these resorts. Yes, you’ll be in a class of your own in a throng of unabashed gringo wannabees.


What the death of an oak tree can teach us about mortality

Amid this year’s titanic political and social upheavals, the town of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, found time for quiet mourning. One of the East Coast’s most famous trees, a centuries-old great white oak that spread its serpentine limbs over a cemetery beside the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, was dying. In October, the tree was pronounced dead; a month later, distraught …