Energy Stew – Holley Kelley – 02.26.15

We live in an uncertain reality and you can really help your loved ones to be prepared for end of life situations. There’s also a lot of peace of mind to know that all can be taken care in the way you would want it.

Holley Kelley is an expert about these things and has written a book, “Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse and FUNctionality”.

It’s so much more than legal and accounting papers. We can write essays about what our life has meant to us and what we honor about it. We can make lists of the most important people to us and what they have meant. We can write about our visions and expectations for the world we leave behind.

The lists can go on and on. Holley has done a great job in her book to look at the scope of people’s needs and makes many recommendations.

Not all of you might be ready for a show like this but I really am happy to tackle it. I plan to be around for decades more and this gives me a platform to feel freer.