Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 05.02.16

Guest 1: Will Allen

In 1985, Will Allen became a member of The Buddhafield, a Los Angeles area spiritual group. A recent film school graduate, Allen began to chronicle the group’s activities that centered on their leader, a mysterious individual they called The Teacher, or Michel. Over time, the group’s dark side began to surface, until finally, a shocking allegation against The Teacher tore the group apart – all in front of Allen’s camera. This incredible archive of video footage became the basis for HOLY HELL.
Guest 2: German Director Michael von Hohenberg

“Final Picture” – “Yellow Oscar” winner for best nuclear war movie worldwide. Story of the hideous aftermath of a nuclear war when no one on earth is spared radioactive fallout. The haven for skeptics are fallout shelters, which the more realistic of us understand that the great danger is not from bomb explosions but from the long-term spread of
far-drifting radiation clouds. Even bombs dropped thousands of miles away, and hundreds of feet underground will eventually take their toll when deadly radiation clouds drift back.