The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 02.01.17

My guest Dawn R. Nelson has a PsyD as well as a Masters in Divinity, and comes from a rich background of thoughtfully providing human services. She conducts her private practice based on principles similar to my Guidelines for Empathic Therapy and will inspire other therapists to practice true to themselves and their ideals. She exemplifies a growing consensus that therapists should be genuine and caring, as well as informed about the importance of childhood and nurturing in respect to who we are as adults. She renews my faith in the future of psychotherapy.


yler Durden – A Stunning Admission From Deutsche Bank Why A Shock Is Needed To Collapse The Market, And Force A Real Panic

In what may be some of the best, and most lucid, writing on everyone’s favorite topic, namely “what happens next” in the evolution of the financial system, Deutsche Bank’s Dominic Konstam, takes a look at the current dead-end monetary situation, and concludes that in order for the system to transition from the current state of financial repression, which has made a …


Refinancing is dead: a generation of Hard Times will continue until secularly real wages improve

On Monday I gave what I think is a reasonable roadmap to the next recession.  I wanted to follow up a little. The post from nearly 10 years ago was entitled, “Are Hard Times Near?  The great decline in interest rates is ending.”  The theory is right in the title.  Since the 1970s, real average hourly earnings had declined.  Average Americans coped …


Expat Files – 05.22.16

#1- What’s that “Gringo Advantage” thing all about? Well, it starts with “boots on the ground”, that’s when you begin to notice the missing pieces in Latin owned businesses and their lack of attention to detail. Yet they still manage to survive and some have great success. Get ready to ask yourself over and over… how can that be? Seeing all that stuff, when the locals don’t, is the start of your “Gringo Advantage”

#2– People in the first-world say the legal system in Latin America does NOT favor the individual. That is, if one is suspected of a crime down here he is usually “guilty” until proven innocent. Well it’s not that simple and really depends on three important factors: social class, finances and whether or not you have a friendly attorney to phone up if you’re in trouble…

#3- Latin kids are well behaved, overly polite and respectful to their elders. That’s the solid opinion of nearly every visiting gringo. Yet Latins believe in corporal punishment- with 98% of adults reporting they were whacked as kids on occasion . So what goes on here? Could there be a correlation? Nah, that would be way too un-PC to even suggest….

#4-Some Gringos bring their bad first-world habits with them… please don’t do that!!

#5-Should you take advantage of the high interest rate bank CD’s that so many Latin Banks are offering? Sure, you can get up to 10% APR if you’ve got enough dough and time. But whats the catch and the risks?

#6- Besides the constant barrage of overtly sexy and scantily clad women, you’ll never guess what’s being shown on Latin TV. Would you believe certain Latin lawyers up in the states are showing up on Latin TV, teaching illegals up in the states exactly how to evade ICE, US Immigration officials? It’s something average American citizens will never understand unless they watch the Latin channels and speak Spanish, and of course that’ll never happen.

#7Consult with Johnny; schedule a cell or SKYPE call: Set up a time to talk and sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to: theexpatfiles@gmail.com

#8- Visit me Johnny(and expat super-blogger John Galt) at www.TheNewExpat.com where you get real “boots on the ground” info, experienced expat blogs and terrific one-of-kind reports.



Held in and around Guatemala, Central America- “off the Gringo tourist trail”, Saturday July 9th thru Thursday July 14th. Click the link on top of the www.TheNewExpat.com main-page or email: theexpatfiles@gmail.com or, or click on the link below (or paste it in your browser)



Reynard Loki – Homeopathy Backlash Continues — On the Verge of Blacklisting in the U.K.

Ministers in the United Kingdom recently announced [3] that the National Health Service could ban doctors from prescribing homeopathic remedies. The announcement is a culmination of several years of campaigning by members of parliament who say that the health claims of homeopathy are unproven, their use is a waste of taxpayer money [4] and these remedies should not be supported by the nation’s publicly funded healthcare …


George Monbiot – How to Build a Crisis

What have governments learnt from the financial crisis? I could write a column spelling it out. Or I could do the same job with one word. Nothing. Actually, that’s too generous. The lessons learned are counter-lessons, anti-knowledge, new policies that could scarcely be better designed to ensure the crisis recurs, this time with added momentum and fewer remedies. And the …


George Monbiot – The Gathering Financial Storm Is Just One Effect of Corporate Power Unbound

Corporate-friendly international agreement like TPP and TTIP, writes Monbiot, “could scarcely be better designed to exacerbate and universalise our multiple crises – financial, social and environmental.” What have governments learned from the financial crisis? I could write a column spelling it out. Or I could do the same job with one word: nothing. Actually, that’s too generous. The lessons learned …


Risk of financial crisis higher than previously estimated International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

The study, published in the journal Financial Stability, introduces a new method that allows researchers to estimate the systemic risk that emerge from multiple layers of connectivity. “Systemic risk is the risk that a significant part of the financial system stops working–that it cannot perform its function,” says IIASA Advanced Systems Analysis program researcher Sebastian Poledna, who led the study. …

4 Things That Are Happening Today That Indicate That A Deflationary Financial Collapse Is Imminent By Michael Snyder

When financial markets crash, they do not do so in a vacuum.  There are always patterns, signs and indicators that tell us that something is about to happen.  In this article, I am going to share with you four patterns that are happening right now that also happened just prior to the great financial crisis of 2008.  These four signs …