Leid Stories—Dems’ ‘Come Together and Fight Back’ Tour Features Bernie Sanders in Interesting Role—04.19.17

Recently elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders, the Independent senator and former presidential candidate from Vermont, with great, campaign-style fanfare yesterday launched a series of rallies aimed at shoring up the Democratic Party’s political fortunes, building grassroots support for a wide-ranging progressive agenda, and resisting the policies of President Donald Trump and his administration.


ANDREW LEVINE – It Didn’t Have to Be Hillary

Hillary Clinton, our next President, is inept, intellectually shallow and morally obtuse. She is also a Russophobe, a neocon, and a liberal (“humanitarian”) imperialist, who is fond of military “solutions” to problems she and her co-thinkers have created.   When she becomes Commander-in-Chief, she will be a disaster waiting to happen. The prevailing view, however, is that foreign policy is her …