Leid Stories – 10.26.15

The Benghazi Hearings: What Gave Hillary Her Big Break
Hillary Clinton, basking in the afterglow from the embers of last week’s congressional hearing on Benghazi, appears to have slithered through yet another rough—and potentially damaging—political patch.
Leid Stories explains what gave Hillary her big break, and listeners ask the basic questions that the former secretary of state still has not been asked, and likely won’t answer, even under oath.


Dmitry Rodionov – The ‘Ichkerization’ Crime Wave in Ukraine

‘Soon, citizens will agree to any power that will deliver them from the bandits.’ A girl was abducted last month by an unknown person on Independence [Maidan] Square in Kyiv on a Sunday evening. This was reported on the traffic police website: “Kiev. Girl kidnapped, Independence Square. A girl was forced into a car, which fled in the direction of …