Leid Stories—Still in the Closet: Hillary Clinton’s Unexplained Health Problems—10.25.16

Years before she declared her candidacy for president, Hillary Clinton’s health was of concern to her family and those in her inner circle. She had had several major health setbacks and experienced symptoms of serious medical conditions—including sudden falls, concussions from those falls, potentially fatal blood clots, sustained double vision, frequent fainting, coughing fits, seizures and hypothyroidism. Team Clinton, only when the media inquired, would say Clinton is improving and looking forward to being back soon.

The World Has Reached Peak Plutocracy – Soren Ambrose

Parents in despair because they can’t pay the fees at the privatised neighbourhood school… Families left without healthcare because the mining company that pollutes their river also dodges the taxes that could pay for their treatment… Women getting four hours of sleep a night as they try to balance caring for their families and homes with earning income… Whole communities …