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Focus On The Facts – 02.27.18

Patricia Negron and I covered the latest news on the effects of the genocide being committed all over the US with methods that include Geoengineering and chemtrail spraying, toxic vaccines, mind and body damaging drugs, GMO foods and pesticides and the fluorinated drinking water now filled with radiation from Fukushima. Also Discussed the lower life expectancy and lower birth rates …


Progressive Commentary Hour – 11.21.17

CONVERSATIONS WITH REMARKABLE MINDS Looking at the state of our world ruthlessly and finding wisdom in the chaos Dr. Jim Garrison is the founding President of Ubiquity University and the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, an international school of higher education built upon transformational principles of whole brain and whole systems learning. The university operates with partners in the EU, Australia, Southeast Asia, …


Nafeez Ahmed – The UK’s ‘national security’ plan? It’s a blueprint for a police state

In early December, the British government released its first annual report on the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review. Despite the total media blackout, the document reveals in stark detail the Conservative government’s plans to expand Britain’s military activities around the world. In the name of defending “national security”, Britain is building a “permanent” military presence in …


Robert Parry – New York Times: Apologist for Power

In recent years, The New York Times has behaved as if whatever the Establishment claims is true must be true, failing to show thoughtful skepticism whether the findings are coming from a congressional report, an intelligence assessment, a criminal investigation or even an outfit as disreputable as the National Football League. If some powerful institution asserts a conclusion, the Times …


Jonathan Jones – Here lie the unwanted of Calais – an indictment of us, not them

These are people in Calais now. People who wanted to find new lives. Instead they lie like cocooned caterpillars, desperately hoping to wake up to a different world. Others sit on the rubbish-strewn pavement, hunched in blankets. They too are rubbish, or so it would seem, according to widespread attitudes that have in recent weeks seen calls for children to …


UN votes to ban nukes despite UK attempts to ‘thwart’ negotiations

UN General Assembly (UNGA) members have defied the British government by voting to ban nuclear weapons. The UNGA’s First Committee passed an historic resolution last Thursday to begin negotiations for a legally binding nuclear weapons ban treaty next year. The landmark resolution passed 123 to 38 – with 16 countries abstaining – and succeeded despite smaller states accusing nuclear-armed countries …


Nika Knight – After Profiting from Weapons Sales and Bombing Yemen, U.S. Calls for Cease-Fire

The United States, Britain, and the U.N. peace envoy to Yemen called Sunday for an unconditional ceasefire in Yemen to take place “within hours.” The two nations are trying “to seize on outrage caused by the killing of 140 people in a Saudi airstrike,” the Guardian reports. Read more


David Korten – Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine

The recent 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade towers was a reminder of the terrible consequences when a nation ignores the lessons of history—including its own recent history. The U.S. military budget is a tragic example. We currently spend roughly $598 billion on defense, which is more than the next seven biggest military spenders combined: China, …


Rebecca Solnit – Standing Rock Protests: This Is Only the Beginning

 pioneer monument and a lot of state troopers with batons and riot helmets stood between the mostly young native activists and the North Dakota state capitol on Friday afternoon. Many of the activists arriving at the capitol’s vast green lawn hadn’t heard that the Washington DC judge had decided against the Standing Rock reservation Sioux lawsuit. That was the lawsuit …