ALAN NASSER – The New (Cold?) War With China

Washington has recently initiated major war games in the neighborhoods and on the borders of Russia and China, the most intense martial exercises since the end of the Second World War. The old Cold War ante has been upped, and the danger of military confrontation between Washington and Russia and/or China looms large. (See my extensive discussion in “How Clinton …


Leid Stories—The Electoral College Vote: Trump’s Last Hurdle to the White House; Hillary’s Hack-neyed Comeback Strategy Falls Apart—12.19.16

Five hundred and thirty-eight electors—100 from the U.S. Senate, 435 from the House of Representatives, and three representing the District of Columbia—will be meeting all over the country today to perform a quadrennial duty: selecting the next president and vice president of the United States. The rancor of the presidential election between main combatants Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is expected to spill over to the Electoral College vote, with two sore points at the root—Clinton won the popular vote while Trump won the more significant electoral vote, and Clinton has charged that Russian cyberattacks and a smear campaign against her caused her loss.


Leid Stories—Election Certification Day Sees Trump with Most Electors, the Green Party Recasting Its Failed Recount Effort, and Hillary Clinton Hell-Bent on A Comeback—12.14.16

Yesterday was the day that all 50 states and the District of Columbia must confirm the presidential election vote in their respective jurisdictions and the names of electors for each candidate who will be participating in the Electoral College on Dec. 19 that officially will select the president and vice president of the United States.


Gary Kohls – Urgent Alert: The “21st Century Cures Act” That Will Expand the Use of Coerced Drug “Treatments”

URGENT ACTION ALERT On November 30th, the House passed HR 34, a 996-page bill, known as the 21st Century Cures Act. They are now rushing to get it introduced and passed by the Senate on Monday, December 5th, at 5:30 EST. This bill must be defeated because it contains some very dangerous provisions relating to psychiatric treatments.  This is an urgent call …


A Just Cause – Shining a Spotlight on Capitol Hill & Senator Harry Reid – 10.16.16

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks will be Shining a Spotlight on Capitol Hill & Senator Harry Reid for Nevada, who is the Democratic Leader in the U.S. Senate and someone that has earned the respect of colleagues from both parties. He is also a powerful advocate for Nevada families. Every day Senator Reid puts his leadership position to work to deliver meaningful results for all Nevadans.


Tyler Durden – Why Is The DHS Preparing To Take Control Of The US Election?

What do you do when you’re the dictatorial leader of an oppressive government regime looking to maintain power while simultaneously preserving the facade of free and open elections?  Well, if you’re the Obama administration then you look for avenues to nationalize state-run election infrastructure. But you can’t just seize control of infrastructure that has been successfully run at the state level …


Philip Bump – Has Obama elected more Republicans than any human being in history? Kind of.

“Barack Obama has elected more Republicans than any human being in the history of mankind,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) asserted on Fox News on Wednesday night. And despite the hyperbole built into that, he might be right. Cruz was reacting to a litany of numbers offered by host Sean Hannity detailing the change in Democratic fortunes since 2009. More Republican governors, more senators …

wall street

Tell Wall Street Where They Can Shove Their Money

The best thing that could happen for America would be Wall Street divesting from the Democratic Party. The party would no longer be owned by the corporate oligarchy. America would finally have an opposition party, a party to fight the billionaire class and represent the working class. I hear many of you screaming, “But we have the Socialists, the Greens…” …