Connect The Dots – Joseph Pizzorno, ND – 03.22.17

Listen to Joseph Pizzorno, ND, , author of The Toxin Solution (and a co-founder of Bastyr University) discussing new scientific findings on the impact of toxins on health and ways to help people detoxify safely— in conversation with Alison Rose Levy.


The Gary Null Show – 02.26.16

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and plays two great You Tube clips as well. The two You Tube clips are in the post when you open this. Enjoy.

baby vaccinated

Two infants dead after receiving vaccinations

Two babies have died and 39 others are in hospital after suffering adverse effects following shots given under the National Vaccination Program. The infants had been vaccinated against tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B early yesterday morning, but began suffering allergic reactions by 7:00pm last night. A total of 52 children were given the shots in the indigenous community of La Pimienta, …

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Mothers Hepatitis B infection may give infants a better survival advantage to counteract bacterial infection during early life.

A Singapore led study has shown that Hepatitis B Virus Infection (HBV) exposure increases the immune system maturation of infants, which may give a better survival advantage to counteract bacterial infection during early life. These findings radically modify the way that HBV vertical infection of neonates (mother-to-child) is portrayed, and present a paradigm shift in the approach to treatment of …


World Health Organization Vaccine Recommendations: Scientific Flaws, or Criminal Misconduct?

While much information concerning World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on vaccines, particularly against hepatitis B, remains secret, there is sufficient evidence in the open literature to suggest scientific incompetence, misconduct, or even criminal malfeasance. The benefits are overstated and toxicity greatly understated. Influenza vaccine recommendations falsely imply that the available vaccines could help prevent avian influenza. After the universal campaign …