A Bowl of Soul – 10.23.15

A Bowl of Soul Broadcast – 10-23-2015

Johnny B-Goode – Chuck Berry – R&B/Rock & Roll – 1958
Long Tall Sally – Little Richard – R&B/Rock & Roll – 1956
Salsoul Rainbow – The Salsoul Orchestra – R&B – 1975
Livin’ It Up (Friday Night) – Bell & James – R&B – 1979
Down By Law – Fab Five Freddy – R&B/Hip Hop – 1983
L-O-V-E – Joss Stone – R&B – 2008
Brown Skin Lady – Mos Def & Talib Kweli – R&B/Hip Hop – 1998
I Can’t Stop – John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – R&B – 1976
One Nation – Thee 1 Nation – R&B – 2015
Cancel Him – LaRose Jackson – Southern Soul/R&B – 2015
Put It In Ya Life$ – Connie G – Southern Soul/R&B – 2015


LOA Today – 09.17.15

Jelani Lateef is a rapper that lost his wife to cancer two months after the birth of his daughter, who almost died herself in childbirth. But Jelani made an unusual choice as a result. He decided to be a positive role model as a single black father and use his art to promote positive attitudes and positive psychology, even for those who have suffered greatly like he himself has.

Jelani was kind enough to join Walt as his guest this week. Will he convince Walt, who has never liked rap music, to finally become a rap fan as a result of this conversation? Listen to find out!

The Casual, Idiotic Racism of Modern American Conservatism By Tim Wise

Sometimes racism isn’t about vicious bigotry and hatred towards those with different skin color than your own, let alone a willingness to walk into a church and massacre nine of those others because you think they’re “taking over your country.” Sometimes, racism is manifested in the subtle way a person can dismiss the lived experiences of those racial others as …