The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.05.15

My guest Gregory A. Smith, MD talks about his new film, American Addict II, examines the corruption of American society by drug dealers (legal and illegal), and describes his informed therapeutic approach to withdrawal from psychiatric drugs and opiates. Full of good facts and inspiring.


Nick Licata – ALEC, Where Corporations Are “People” Like You and Me

Unlike other political organizations of locally elected public officials, corporations, business associations, and think tanks are full voting ALEC members, referred to as the private-interest partners. From talking to one private-interest member, the cost of joining ALEC is just over $1,000 but to vote in one of ALEC’s task forces that make policies, the cost goes above $3,000. I suspect …


Expat Files – 07.31.15

-A few words about those strange and sometimes wonderful middle-class Latin yard parties and celebrations because you’ll be invited to attend these events now and again(maybe way too often).   -Prepare and get your earplugs ready for the rockets and fireworks when your neighbors have their weekend events and parties. Sometimes those things can get very loud and go well …


US Managed to Make Afghanistan the World’s Top Heroin Exporter By Jack Balkwill

Afghan Brigadier General Abdul Sama was accused recently of smuggling over 40 pounds of heroin. It should come as no surprise that an Afghan general was caught smuggling heroin, the surprise is that any high official in that country should be charged with a crime for profiting from the trade in illegal drugs while under the watchful eye of American forces. …

mexican drug cartel

America’s war on drugs is empowering Mexico’s drug cartels By Don Winslow

I’ve been writing about the war on drugs for 15 years. That’s a sad statement, if you think about it. Particularly given that 15 years is less than half the life of this particular war, which, at 44, has gone on longer than the Civil War, World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan combined. The war has multiple fronts, but my particular beat …


5 Reasons The Most Dangerous Drug Is Not Illegal by MARCO TORRES

Hundreds of millions of people indulge in one of the most dangerous drugs which is sold right over the counter. When it comes to harm done to other people and the users themselves, not heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana or even tobacco come close to the health and safety hazards caused by this one depressant. Drug harms fall into two …


Home-Brew Heroin Is Coming – Phillip Smith

When it comes to producing drugs like heroin and cocaine, science is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough that could disrupt traditional drug markets by making it possible for anyone to produce their own. Researchers working with genetically engineered yeasts are rapidly advancing toward the point where all it would take is some humble fungi and a home-brewing kit. …


Marching Towards Disaster: What’s Really Behind The U.S. Push In The Asia-Pacific? – Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

On the sidelines of the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Brisbane, US President Barack H. Obama delivered a keynote speech to diplomats, policymakers, faculty members, and students at the University of Queensland on the United States of America’s foreign policy and Obama’s so-called “Asian pivot” or “pivot to Asia.” In 2013, a report by Brian Andrews and Kurt Campbell …