Expat Files – 06.10.16

#1- When Gringos apply for residency and/or citizenship/passport in their new Latin country- do they really need to be fluent in Spanish? Well the forms are all in Spanish, as well the questions immigration authorities will ask. To get through it ok, at what level of Spanish might you reasonably get by? Remember, there‘s no such thing as press #1 for “Ingles”, in Latin America!

#2– Here’s a question: how would your morale stand up if you were a public school teacher/professor and your government’s dept. of education was 6 months in arrears on your paycheck? Nope, nothing new down here. Par for the course for all things public in Latin America

#3- Even the most “average” stateside gringo knows there’s something bad coming in the USA. Though right now its like the calm before the storm. Meanwhile 95% of Americans keep their heads down and continue to spin endlessly on the treadmills. Oh, but when asked what they’ll do when TSHTF most say they’ll have a plan by then. For now they’re mostly thinking about planning to get a plan. But you’re not one of those types, right? Your plan “B” is well under way, correct?

#4- You can buy the latest computers and smart gadgets in Latin America, especially if you live near a decent sized city. When you purchase electronics you’ll get the ususal guarantees/warranties too. However, except for US store branches like Sears, Office Depot and Costco, etc., Latin warranty service is only fair to dismal. Bottom line, don’t assume your flat-screen TV warranty is as advertised. So then, should you buy big ticket items at Sears or Costco so just for the sake of the solid warranties? Today we tackle that theme and more..

#5-Consult with Johnny- Schedule a cell or Skype call: Set up a time to talk and sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to:

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