A Just Cause – Spotlight on Capitol Hill & Senator Chuck Grassley – 02.28.16

The host Cliff Stewart, Lisa Stewart and Lamont Banks is shining a Spotlight on Senator Chuck Grassley, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where he works for a competitive marketplace with antitrust enforcement and tort reform, to reward innovation and invention with an updated patent system, and for legal immigration that will help America’s economy grow.


Patrick Martin – Obama’s final State of the Union: Lies, evasions and threats

The final State of the Union speech delivered Tuesday night by President Barack Obama was a demonstration of the incapacity of the American political system to deal honestly or seriously with a single social question. Obama evaded the real issues that affect tens of millions of working people in America every day of their lives. He painted a ludicrous picture …


Expat Files – 11.29.15

– Some things you never knew regarding Latin American beaches and beachfront properties…

-An update on the Latin real estate bubble. Looks like the first place it’s going to pop in is Panama so get ready to scout out the deals..

-A discussion of Latin Airport departure fees. There seems to be a frantic race by Latin government pin-heads to gouge foreign air travellers

-In Latin Countries virtually no one has clean municipal tap water. 50% of the population has water pressure only part of the day and another 15% of Latins have no running water in their houses at all(they bathe and pull water from a river or lake). So what does all that mean for Expats living down here expecting flawless first-world water delivery systems? Should we be worried?

For example: Panama is #5 in the world for total yearly rainfall (out of 200 countries) yet half the population doesn’t have 24/7 access to water. Why? It’s just normal Latin lazy-ass corrupt government again: what else is new?
-Is Costa Rica the next Greece? Sure looks like…

-Ecuador has decided it wants to be a Big Brother state just like the USA.
You won’t believe what kind tough of BB surveillance laws they have been passing lately. But can or will they be enforced?
Well… this is Latin America, and technology and cameras do need maintenance. And the “M” word is not yet in the Latin vocabulary. So at first maybe there’ll be a kind of crack down while everything works, but after some months it may just revert to Latin business as usual. We’ll see…


Expat Files – 11.20.15

-Police road blocks with cops stopping certain vehicles are a common site in Latin America. Today we have a roadblock story you just won’t believe. In this story those pesky first-world “do gooders”are at it again.

-By the way, don’t be afraid or be worried if you get pulled over at a roadblock. The cops are generally nice… nice and lazy and nonthreatening, especially “off the tourist trail”. Cops really do like to bond and talk to gringos. You might even get asked nicely to a buy them coke or a gallon or two of gas. Note: none of that niceness is certain if you’re stopped in Mexico.

-A road trip story and some driving tips for gringos and expats who chance driving their car through Mexico and/or parts further south.

-The nuances of the famous “altiplano” areas explained. Yes, there are many more altiplano regions than you might think- and some are much better suited for Expat living than others. You really need to know these details…

-Today an email from a Canadian expat explaining why he can no longer live in his own corrupt first-world country… and why he much prefers the ever so predictable small-time corruption of Mexico to the big time corruption of first-world states like his.


Anthony Bellchambers – Netanyahu Rejects Syrian Refugees. ­ ‘We are not a European country!’

‘A parliamentary report published in 2013 noted that since its creation in 1948, Israel has granted official refugee status only to 200 people.’   (Washington Post) And that is, of course, the point ­ Israel is NOT a European country. It is a state in the Middle East composed primarily of ideological migrants from the U.S. plus a few million former …


Geneva International Centre for Justice – Asylum Seekers and Migrants to the EU are the Victims of US-NATO-EU Wars

Geneva International Centre for Justice released on 27 July 2015 its report ‘Swimming Against the Tides: Examining the EU Response to Irregular Migration through the Mediterranean Sea.’ GICJ has been following closely the recent developments at the European Commission with regards to irregular migration. GICJ wishes to highlight with this report the underlying causes of the crisis and the necessary …

Deadly Disinformation: War, the Mainstream Media and the Tragic Death of African Refugees – Julie Lévesque

The tragic death of hundreds of refugees last week in the Mediterranean Sea has once again brought to light the deadly hypocrisy of Western leaders and their mainstream press. Omissions and distortions are disconnecting the catastrophic event from its roots, preventing the real culprits from being publicly exposed. Were the victims Libyan “migrants seeking a better life in Europe,” or …