Infectious Myth – Holy Hormones with Leslie Carol Botha – 02.02.16

David discusses women’s hormonal cycles with Leslie Carol Botha of “Holy Hormones”, and her belief that we shouldn’t be messing with the cycle through the use of chemical birth control, for example. They also discuss the HPV vaccine, another important issue for women. At the end of the issue David gives a few thoughts on the Zika virus.
For more information on Botha’s work, see her website: http://holyhormones.com
The original Zika virus paper can be viewed at: http://davidcrowe.ca/SciHealthEnv/papers/10889-ZikaVirusIsolationSerology.pdf
The European CDC report on Zika and birth defects is at: http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/publications/Publications/zika-microcephaly-Brazil-rapid-risk-assessment-Nov-2015.pdf