A Bowl of Soul – 11.27.15

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Celebrates Classic Soul and New R&B music.

Here are the songs in this broadcast.

Uncle Willie Time – Bobby Miller – R&B – 1965
It’s You That I Need – The Temptations – R&B – 1967
Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste Of Honey – R&B/Funk – 1978
Good Times – Chic – R&B/Funk – 1979
Cha Cha – D.R.A.M – Hip Hop – 2015
I’m A Lonely Stranger – Arthur Conley – R&B – 1965
Buying A Book – Joe Tex – R&B/Southern Soul – 1969
Walk Away – Ann Peebles – R&B/Southern Soul – 1969
Room Full of Mirrors – Hiroshima – Smooth Jazz – 2015
Mysterious – Maria Estrella Aggabao – R&B/Neo Soul – 2015
For Who You Are – RES – R&B – 2015


Yong Jung Cho, Waleed Shahid, Devontae Torriente, Sara Blazevic – Millennials Can No Longer Be Silent About Our Broken System

It’s election season. One side promises incremental reforms without a plan for how they would get an agenda passed through a gridlocked Congress. The other side uses thinly-veiled racist language about immigrants to talk about plans to bring our country back to a fictionalized, lily-white version of our nation’s history. Too often, both parties put the demands of big money …


Leid Stories – 10.16.15

Why Fret? There Are So Many Ways to Free Your Mind?

It’s better than psychotherapy. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday” on Leid Stories, an open forum for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

Call in (888-874-4888) and share your thoughts about the issues of the day or whatever you think is worthy of wider discussion.


Cody Fenwick – The Silent Crisis of Aging

Our society is plagued by a crisis of aging that is weakening, infecting and killing hundreds of millions of us every year. We rarely think of it this way–aging is seen as a natural part of life rather than a crisis–but many serious researchers and philosophers argue that we our typical views on the naturalness and acceptability of death are …


Lloyd Burrell – 15 minutes on your cell phone can alter brain structure and function, new study reveals

A new clinical study has found that just 15 minutes of cell phone talk time radiation exposure can alter the structure and function of the brain, including brain wave activity that is connected to cognition, mood and behavior. Thirty-one healthy females took part in the study, published in PLOS ONE; all participants were measured twice. On one of the days, …


Alfredo Lopez – The Senate Wants to Make Internet Providers Spies

How much noise does the other shoe make when it drops? If the shoe is a law that would complete the development of a police surveillance state in the United States, it’s almost silent. Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee quietly sent a bill to the Senate that would require on-line Internet content and service providers to literally become part …


Chris Hedges – A Haven From the Animal Holocaust

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y.—There are mornings when Susie Coston, walking up to the gate of this bucolic farm in her rubber boots, finds crates of pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, geese or turkeys on the dirt road. Sometimes there are notes with the crates letting her know that the animals are sick or injured. The animals, often barely able to stand when …

Americans Are Paying Attention to Food Waste, But Still Throw Away More Food Than They Think BY ZOE LOFTUS-FARREN

We all throw away food. In fact, in the United States, an estimated 40 percent of all food is trashed as it makes it way from farm to table, or more aptly, as it doesn’t. But how aware are we of our own waste? And what motivates us to rethink our shopping habits or reconsider that wilting lettuce in the …


Connect the World or Capture It? Critics Raise Alarm Over Facebook’s Spurious Internet.org – Lauren McCauley

Privacy rights and open internet advocates are sounding the alarm after Facebook on Monday announced changes to its “free” Internet for the developing world, dubbed Internet.org, which critics say threatens to make the social networking company the de facto Internet “gatekeeper” for hundreds of millions worldwide. Branded as an initiative to “connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t …


Outernet: The Information War on a Whole New Level – Ulson Gunnar

The information war can be quickly lost if one cannot get their assets onto the “battlefield.” For the US, UK or Europe, the constant din of their propaganda spread across the planet via their impressive and immense media networks has recently run into a few snags. In nations like Russia, China or Iran, ruling governments and local industry have begun …