Charles Kennedy – Who Will Be Left Standing At The End Of The Oil War

This is a financial cold war—nothing more, nothing less. While there are billions of reasons to cut output, and every major producing country is reeling from the loss of revenues, some are weathering the current bust better than others, but the devil is in the details, and the details contain tons of variables. Production cost and breakeven figures that analysts …


Leid Stories – 02.15.16

With Justice Scalia’s Death, A Return of ‘Constitutional Originalism’

Election Follies: Hillary, Bernie Seek Salvation in Nevada

The death over the weekend of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has added yet another dimension to the 2016 presidential race: Who will President Barack Obama appoint to replace the right-leaning constitutional originalist? While the president says he will not be rushed or pressured about a nominee, U.S. Supreme Court pundits and congressional pols are already making noises about which ideological camp the prospective nominee should stand call home. John Friedl, professor of political science at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, provides a backgrounder that dispels the myth that the U.S. Supreme Court is apolitical.

Bernie Sanders thought he’d clinched an appearance at Victory Missionary Baptist Church in Las Vegas, ahead of Nevada’s Feb. 20 primary. When he got there, he found Hillary Clinton, civil-rights icon Rep. John Lewis in tow to introduce her. In a commentary, Leid stories says black voters appear not to be safe anywhere.


This Can’t Be Happening – 02.10.16

The morning after Bernie Sanders stunning trouncing of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, long-time political activist Alfredo Lopez, a member of the ThisCantBeHappening.net news collective, talks with “This Can’t Be Happening” host Dave Lindorff about the Sanders phenomenon, and how the left needs to respond to it.


Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman – New Hampshire: The Birthplace of Electronic Election Theft

s the New Hampshire primary lurches toward the finish line, the reality of electronic election theft looms over the vote count. The actual computer voting machines were introduced on a grand scale in New Hampshire’s 1988 primary. The godfather was George H.W. Bush, then the vice president. As former boss of the CIA, Bush was thoroughly familiar with the methods …


Greg Palast – Who Hatched Rubio?

The big boys are confident that Sen. Marco Rubio has locked up the Republican nomination. But who’s locked up Rubio? I called my bookie in London. The betting professionals were not surprised at Marco Rubio’s big Iowa showing. The smart money has been on Rubio since October 31–despite the fact that Rubio was polling at just 9%. Paul Krishnamurty, politics …


Joachim Hagopian – Six Reasons Why the Iowa Caucus Turned into a Voter Fraud Circus in Favor of Hillary

No sooner out the gate with the closest caucus vote in Iowa history already on the books, the very first state tally of delegate votes leading to the 2016 presidential election bears strong indication of voter fraud. It’s been reported that Hillary Clinton instructed her staff in Iowa to rig the caucus voting by falsely standing in the O’Malley corner …


Progressives to Clinton: Pledge to Never Cut Social Security—Now

Hillary Clinton is under pressure from progressives to pledge never to cut Social Security—and to do it before the New Hampshire primary on February 9. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) launched a new national push this week demanding the former secretary of state confirm her allegiance to the program that provides benefits to roughly 60 million Americans, which she …


Four Horsemen of Democracy

It was also a shock to the system that a candidate universally known in Iowa, with deep pockets and long experience, could come close to losing to a relative unknown who was initially considered little more than a protest candidate.” Just think of it! The tiny, tightly controlled consciousness that calls itself The World’s Greatest Democracy got all rattled and …


Leid Stories – 02.03.16

Analyze This!: Is ‘Feeling the Bern’ A Viable Option and Strategy?
Expanding on yesterday’s discussion (the Iowa caucuses and implications of the results), Leid Stories asks, especially of those who reject duopoly politics: Given the situation as it stands, is Bernie Sanders, the self-titled Democratic Socialist who virtually tied Hillary Clinton’s caucus votes, a viable choice? What is to be gained by supporting his candidacy? What is the biggest hurdle you’ll have to overcome to consider supporting him?


Leid Stories – 02.02.16

So, What Have We Learned from the Iowa Caucuses?
Leid Stories deconstructs the Iowa caucuses. The first voting event in the 2016 presidential election, it defied predicted outcomes and winnowed the ranks of both Republican and Democratic contenders. But it also confirmed the validity of and need for serious grassroots political movements that challenge the status quo, says Leid Stories.