Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 03.14.16

Guest 1: Steve Blackledge, Mandatory GMO labeling – U.S. PIRG & U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Guest 2: Bernie Sanders introductory remarks at Ohio town hall discussing Donald Trump

Guest 3: Carlos Maroquin Occupy LA and #FeeltheBern organizer

Guest 4: Jason Crow with his Healthy Living Update


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 02.15.16

Founding Fathers vs Current Presidential Candidates

Segment 1: Bruce Kaufmann
Exploring the oddities and ironies of history, and today’s politics and public policy.

Segment 2: The #FeelTheBern phenomenon

1. Christian Hand – rock n roll producer and also on Mark In the Morning on 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles

2. Joshua Fishman – CEO, We Creative agency; producer of Debate Debate show- live comedy during presidential debates.

3. Jay Ponti – founder of Peacelink Live! producing live and broadcast events for peace and social justice causes. They also do legislative advocacy and coalition building.

Segment 3: Jason Crow on Healthy Living