Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 03.28.16

Bernie’s Millennials/Hillary’s Guest list:
Guest #1: Jay Ponti is the Founder & Executive Producer of the 10X Visionary Leaders Summit and affords our young leaders the opportunity to participate in think tank coalitions with global leaders and non-governmental organizations from 10 social movements (Human Rights, Corporate Accountability, Media Reform & Innovation,Environmental Sustainability,The Women’s Movement,Progressive Education Reform, Interfaith Harmony,Health & Wellness,Veteran’s Affairs,Right to Privacy & Net Neutrality).

People get ready: the fight against a jobless economy and a citizen less democracy.
Guest #2: Author Robert McChesney is an American professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign as the Gutgsell Endowed Professor in the Department of Communication. He specializes in the history and political economy of communication, and the role media play in democratic and capitalist societies. He co-founded Free Press, a national media reform organization. From 2002–12, he hosted “Media Matters” weekly radio program every Sunday afternoon on WILL-AM radio.


Smart Show (goharrison) with Cary Harrison – 02.15.16

Founding Fathers vs Current Presidential Candidates

Segment 1: Bruce Kaufmann
Exploring the oddities and ironies of history, and today’s politics and public policy.

Segment 2: The #FeelTheBern phenomenon

1. Christian Hand – rock n roll producer and also on Mark In the Morning on 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles

2. Joshua Fishman – CEO, We Creative agency; producer of Debate Debate show- live comedy during presidential debates.

3. Jay Ponti – founder of Peacelink Live! producing live and broadcast events for peace and social justice causes. They also do legislative advocacy and coalition building.

Segment 3: Jason Crow on Healthy Living