Nächste Ausfahrt - Expatriate

Expat Files – 11.22.15

-The scoop on how lazy, corrupt, fat-ass Latin politicians and their malignant Latin Governments are now trying to levy a new kind of tax on high earners. It’s meant to finance a new “public security” bureaucracy that “promises” to make citizens more secure and safer.
Such a law has just been passed in El Salvador. Its a 5% tax on high earners ostensibly to shore up the country’s failed law enforcement branch and broken judicial system. Well now…even an idiot could predict where those new tax dollars will end up… in SUV’s, private planes, yachts, beach houses, mistresses and trips to Mijami.
But don’t worry, as you’ll see, Expats will not be paying that tax.

-Though fluoride’s being touted by pinheads and clueless government talking heads, it has not been added to Latin water supplies. True, have been a few failed experiments and they were abandoned.
But look out! Certain clueless food companies have stepped up to the plate. They’re not only putting fluoride in table salt, they’re spiking milk and dairy products with it too…buyer beware!

-More on doing business and the high cost of opening bank accounts in Chile

-Today an email from a Canadian expat (non-US citizen) explaining how the long sweaty arm of the USA tax system and the IRS is making his life miserable even though he has no US bank or brokerage accounts and has nothing to do with the USA at all.