Expat Files – 05.20.16

#1- Working “Off the Books” in Latin America: The poop on gringos and Expats working under the Latin tax radar.

#2– In their home countries, local Latins are experts at evading taxes – It’s a region where tax evasion is the national sport.

#3- Don’t believe it when a web search reveals certain tax rates – Personal or otherwise – In any particular Latin country. In reality they are much, lower and here’s why…

#4-In Latin America, Labor unions have not gone the way of the dodo like they’ve done in the states – In fact quite the opposite. Here’s the scoop…

#5- For many years poor Nicaraguans have been slipping illegally into Costa Rica looking for jobs and a better life. Working class Costa Ricans don’t like it one bit (Sound Familiar?) and are actively seeking them out and having them deported

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The Gary Null Show – 03.01.16

Les Leopold is the co-founder and executive director of two nonprofit educational organizations: The Labor Institute and the Public Health Institute. He also helped to create the Blue-Green Alliance, and organization that merges labor unions with environmental concerns, such as the Sierra Club. Les’ articles appear in Alternet, Truthout and Huffington Post and Ralph Nader listed Les’s award-winning book, “The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor” on his recommended top 10 read list. His recent book “Runaway Inequality: An Activists Guide to Economic Justice” puts into clear perspective an integral view of understanding the many consequences of the growing inequality gap that has decimating Americans’ lives, the economy and the planet. His website is