What Women Must Know – Major Breakthroughs in Dentistry with Dr. Randy McCormick – 02.25.16

Dr. Randy McCormick is a Doctor of Dental Surgery with over 17 years of experience. He received his Doctorate in 1999 from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. McCormick and staff attend a myriad of advanced education classes yearly. Dr. McCormick’s emphasis is patient care. Proficient in LANAP periodontal procedures which actually builds bone to save teeth. Using bioactive modifiers to assist in bone growth, Dentistry has evolved to a much higher level of care in preserving natural teeth. Dr. McCormick is continually working to stay ahead of the technology. The use of lasers is a more conservative way to heal inflammation and sensitivity of teeth and gums. He is currently studying how to advance the undiscovered area of laser healing in Dentistry. Biostim is a laser stimulation to reduce inflammation and promote ADP to ATP, which shortens and improves healing time. By using this technology patients experience less discomfort and interruption to daily life. The LANAP procedure rehabilitates to enable further cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction.


Big Bang Beam: Large Hadron Collider Restarts After Two-Year Break

By Alan Boyle NBC News Researchers have begun circulating beams of protons in the Large Hadron Collider after a two-year shutdown for upgrades — and they expect to ramp up quickly to reach uncharted frontiers in particle physics. “Beam went smoothly through the whole machine. It’s fantastic to see it going so well after two years and such a major …