Expat Files – 03.20.16

-“Botox Monday”: A trip to a Latin American Dermatology specialist:
Here in Latin America they have all the medical specialties you can possibly imagine and today I’ll relate my own story of a recent trip to a highly regarded, upscale, 1st-world trained Dermatologist whose office is way “off the gringo tourist trail” in a wealthy high-end suburban mall. Coincidentally, I just happened to have walked in on a waiting room full of wrinkly, upscale Latin ladies on “Botox Monday”!! You’ll never guess what happened next…

-A Gringo Guinea Pig:
Why did a noted Latin MD ask me to tell my story (and exhibit my symptoms) to a group of Latin American Nutritionists and anti –aging experts?

-It’s the blind leading the blind in the Latin Real Estate Bubble:
The buy/build/buy mantra led by Latin real estate agents and promoters is so pervasive that many clueless gringos are getting sucked into the idiot fantasy that real estate never goes down… duh????