Alternative Visions – Ideology in Economics—How It Works to Benefit the Wealthy – 09.18.17

Dr. Jack Rasmus explains the notion of ideology in mainstream economics and how it works to create false arguments like ‘business tax cuts create jobs’, ‘free trade lifts all boats’, ‘markets are efficient’, ‘inflation is always caused by too much money chasing too few goods’, recessions are caused by external shocks to a stable (equilibrium) economic system, interest rates determine …


Leid Stories – 05.13.15

Yielding to the Duopoly: Is There A Left Left? (Part 2)

The 2016 presidential election is picking up steam. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, with an organized opposition to the six-of-one/half-dozen-of-the-other kind of politics we’ve been having for a long time now. It appears we’re still stuck with the Republican-Democrat duopoly. Even big labor and heretofore populist and left-of-center movements and organizations seem to be adapting.

“Is there a left left?” Leid Stories continues the discussion.