Sarah Leonard, Bhaskar Sunkara – Why Our Generation’s Best Chance Is Socialism

Every election season is a time of bemoaning why millennials won’t vote for politicians boldly committed to picking at the edges of their problems. Consider a snapshot of the situation young people face: the unemployment rate for workers under age 25 is 18.1 percent; unemployment for black people who have not graduated from high school is 82.5 percent; the people …


Insight – Transgender Teens, Back to school and So Long Summer – without a song to remember? – 09.03.15

17 year old Lila Perry has identified as a female since 13 and now Lilla’s school is protesting where Lilia should change for gym. Mark muses this growing significant issue as well as potential perspectives from parents and adults on how they would react if this happened to them while dressing in their current fitness club. Hear the buzz on why Mark was mia: was he auditioning for John Stewart’s chair, making more money as an Uber driver or recovering from Legionnaire’s disease?

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The Mark Riley Show – 08.26.15

– In questions over Shaun King’s race, activists see challenge to Black Lives Matter movement. Conservative idiots see this as a big issue. Why? Because they’ve got nothing else in their quiver.

– Virginia TV reporter and photographer shot during live broadcast. Yet another instance of the wrong person having access to guns. In this case, it’s allegedly a former employee.

– Louisiana state trooper is killed in shooting at traffic stop. Yes, cop’s lives matter too, and if no one else will say anything about the loss of a life, we will!

– As Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos clash, Latino news media airs its offense. So should blacks, Jews, Asians, and everybody else of good will. That’s just in case Trump actually runs through the primaries.

– Speaking of immigration,

– Asian congresswomen: Bush’s anchor baby comments prove he’s unfit for presidency. Not just JEB…ANYBODY who has a policy of gutting the 14th Amendment is totally unfit. I do have a solution to this nonsense, however.

– Signs, long unheeded, now point to risks in US economy. We Americans are such cockeyed optimists. Yet recent market gyrations could spell trouble, even for average people with no money in markets.

– Marcy Borders, subject of iconic 9/11 dust lady photo dies after battle with stomach cancer. Yet more proof, if any is needed, that the entire area around the World Trade Center was toxic. Marcy Borders was only 42.

– Black women kicked off NAPA wine tour train get apology from CEO after hashtag #Laughing While Black goes viral. Would there have been an apology without the exposure? Probably not.

– Aggressive panhandling costumed characters spread from Times Square to the Battery, Coney Island, sparking turf war, The media in this town are perpetrating the biggest fraud in years in making this a life or death story. And the mayor and governor, in trying to find some flimsy reason to ban the Denudas, are no better than those trying to gut the 14th Amendment.

– Bill de Blasio claims people ‘not buying the hype’ of his bad press. He better be careful, lest they do sometime closer to election day.


The Mark Riley Show – 08.12.15

Today on The Mark Riley Show, Mark discusses these topics:

Marissa Janae Johnson doesn’t give a f@*k if protest at Bernie Sanders rally drives people away. Short response: she should give a f@*k. Yes, intervention at rally helped spark a conversation about progressives, race, and police brutality, yet in my opinion, it was the wrong conversation.

New poll out of New Hampshire has Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton. Yes, its early, but this is significant. Now if he can just be more inclusive and diverse in terms of his outreach, he could be dangerous.

Arlington, Texas officer is fired in fatal shooting of Christian Taylor. Yes, you can disrupt a rally and spark a conversation, but you can’t stop the police killing of unarmed, mainly young black men. That takes more than conversations or interventions.

Video allegedly shows Tyrone Harris drawing gun before being shot by St. Louis County police. Questions abound in terms of this police shooting, and they start with whether the young man was actually intending to shoot anyone. As to the question of a gun, how come there were 4 “Oath Keepers” running around Ferguson carrying firearms, and none of them, got shot? To wit:

Armed white “Oath Keepers” descend on Ferguson, will definitely calm things down. Nuff said!

Cleveland woman found in jail cell tells prison officers “I don’t want to die in your cell” hours earlier in video. Seems Raikina Jones was prescribed some serious meds, and there are questions about whether authorities at the jail where she was did anything to see she got them. One thing we do know, because it’s on video. She told them.

Reporting on Iran, Jewish paper sees no plot to destroy Israel. The plot to destroy Israel has been the centerpiece of opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. There will be some who dismiss the Forward article as propaganda, but are people so sure?

Cuomo vs. de Blasio: Who wears the Big Boy pants? The Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in the Bronx is the latest situation to expose fissures in the relationship between the NYC Mayor and the NY Governor. This follows disputes over charter schools and Uber. They’ve apparently kissed and made up in the latest flap, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be future fights. The Mayor needs to get his messaging act together, before he jeopardizes his chances of being re-elected in two years.

After two killers fled, New York prisoners say, beatings were next. If these allegations are true, w ill anyone be held to account? Unfortunately, law enforcement and prosecutors don’t always take the word of convicted criminals all that seriously. And that needs to change.

Cops blame end of stop and frisk for fewest gun seizures in eight years. The end of stop and frisk has been blamed for a lot of things. This is just the latest.