Leid Stories – 04.29.15

Making Their Bones in Baltimore –

The crisis in Baltimore has become a backdrop for media hounds, political pundits, talking heads and just about every variety of sound-byte opportunist. Yet the systemic problems that are the Gordian knot around the embattled city are again being given short shrift.
Even the “liberal” media are fully engaged in providing “coverage” that has more to do with sensationalism, stereotype and self-promotion than getting at the root of systemic problems that belie claims of social, political, economic and racial progress in America.
Leid Stories tackles the issue head on.

Free Your Mind Friday

Leid Stories – 04.01.15

Talk It Out Some More: It’s “Free Your Mind” Wednesday! More making up for lost time on Leid Stories today, with “Free Your Mind Wednesday.” Here’s your chance to get your two cents in about major issues or something that wasn’t even on the radar screen. Be part of the most scintillating community conversation in the world, where peer education …