Nature Bats Last – 06.21.16

This week Guy and Mike challenge the dysfunctional loyalty towards the dominant civilized culture, while simultaneously challenging the narratives that some of our listeners may hold. Inspired by the comedy of Louis C.K., this show attempts to find the root of our core beliefs. We took calls and had some excellent contributions from our listeners.

Free Your Mind Friday

Leid Stories – 03.31.15

Talking Things Out: It’s “Free Your Mind” Tuesday! Well, we’re making up for “Free Your Mind Fridays” that didn’t happen while PRN’s technological innards were being unscrambled, reassembled and installed. So, welcome to “Free Your Mind Tuesday!” Different day of the week, yes, but the same vibe. Bring your best ideas and opinions to the best open forum on the …

Free Your Mind Friday

Leid Stories – 03.29.15

Talk Takes Center Stage at Leid Stories’ “Family Reunion” It’s a family reunion on Leid Stories!  We’re together again! We’ve had a too-long dry spell, unable to connect with each other and talk about the issues of the day. Well,  the tech and wiring wizards have done their thing, and we’re good to go while PRN prepares to move into …